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Family Camp: This Year’s Speakers!

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Our first Family Camp of the year is in almost one month! We are so excited for the many families that will be here this year and the lots of fun and bonding that will happen! Here are the speakers that will be here for family camp this year!

Jonathan Farrell ~ 4th of July Family Camp ~ July 1-4
Jonathan grew up in Northern Kentucky and met his wife Jaime at Cedarville University. After graduating and getting married in 2003, they moved to Louisville, Kentucky where Jonathan continued his education at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. After completing his Master’s work, Jonathan came on staff at Grace Church in Morton, Illinois in January 2007 as a pastoral intern and became pastor of outreach and discipleship in January 2008. Jonathan and Jaime have three daughters and one son. Jonathan is passionate about connecting people to Christ and to the loving family at Grace Church. When not catching up on yard work, Jonathan enjoys playing basketball, keeping up with his Cincinnati Reds and Bengals, and playing card and board games with his bride.

Jeff & Challis Bower ~ Labor Day Family Camp ~ Sept. 1-4
Jeff and Challis Bower celebrated 20 years of marriage this past June, as well as 20 years of full-time ministry service.  They have four children age 17, 16, 14, and 12, and have been active foster parents for the past three years.  The Bowers love to travel with their kids and experience life in other places.  They know there are no perfect families and no perfect formulas for raising kids, but by God’s grace each home can be a safe place and a lighthouse for truth.  Jeff serves as the teaching pastor for Highland Gospel Community in Fort Wayne, IN and holds a B.S. in Religion and an M.A. in Classical Studies from Knox Seminary; Challis formerly taught Art and holds her B.A. in Art Education.

For more information on our family camps, head to www.miraclecamp.com/familycamp!


Things You Can Do at Camp That You Can’t Do at Home: Cabin Unity!

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A big part of what makes camp so awesome is making new friends and spending time doing awesome things with your cabinmates. Cabins will do games together, go to chapel and do devotions together, and do so many other fun activities together. Each cabin will consist of about 10 campers and will be led by a counselor and assistant counselor who are college students that love challenging and hanging out with the kids who come for the summer. It’s amazing to see campers come away from the weekend with long lasting, genuine friendships with people from all over the midwest.

For more information on what summer camp looks like, or to register for camp this year, head to www.miraclecamp.com/summercamp!


Things You Can Do at Camp That You Can’t Do at Home: Chapel Sessions!

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One of the things we care about most is the spiritual growth of the guests and campers who are here and preparing them to continue to further their relationship with Jesus Christ as they leave camp. We love offering chapel sessions twice a day for campers that come to  where they can worship with a band and hundreds of other kids their age as well as listen to a speaker challenge them in their faith. After each evening chapel session, the campers will go with their cabin and counselor to do cabin devotions. The counselors will lead these devotions and campers will be able to discuss what they learned in the chapel session and how they can apply it to their life.

Each counselor will also have an hour one on one conversation with each camper.  These discussions are put into place so that each counselor can help each camper grow closer to God personally.  Counselors are trained to challenge students to read and apply God’s word and to spend time in prayer. Campers are given time for personal devotions after every morning chapel session. We want to train campers not just to hear God’s word, but also to read and study it for themselves.

For more information on what summer camp looks like, or to register for camp this year, head to www.miraclecamp.com/summercamp!

Things You Can Do at Camp That You Can’t Do at Home: Awesome Activities!

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We absolutely love being able to offer guests and campers things that they can do here at camp that they are unable to do at home. One of our favorite parts of camp is the awesome activities we have. We have everything from the zipline to the Blob that campers never seem to get enough of and are excited to do every time they come back. Here is a small list of some of our and our campers favorite things to do while they are at camp:

Zipline – A 480 ft. ride that you take after leaving our 40 ft. climbing tower.
The Blob – A huge inflatable water launcher that sends kids soaring into the air.
Gaga Ball – Be the last one in the ring while getting others out by hitting them in the legs with a ball.
Archery – Try to get a bullseye in one of the many targets at our archery range.
Initiatives – Bond your group together with our 10+ team building initiatives.
Paintball – Can you hit all your friends before getting hit yourself?
Small Boats – Kayak or canoe on our beautiful Bankson Lake!
Tubing – See if you can hold onto the tube while being driven around the lake.
Disc Golf – Bet you can’t get a hole in one on our 18 hole course!
Large Group Games – A staple of summer camp including Gold Rush and Hunger Games.
…and much more!

To see more activities that we offer or to register and try some of these out for yourself head to www.miraclecamp.com!

Shake-Up: Who We Work With

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Shake-Up Kalamazoo is a youth group service program committed to teaching Jr. High and High School students the value of living a Christ-like life.  Students who attend Shake-Up Kalamazoo will have the opportunity to serve and share their faith in Kalamazoo, MI.  You and your church youth group will spend time during the day serving and volunteering in Kalamazoo. Here is a glimpse of one of the places students will serving at this year.

Kalamazoo Gospel Mission
The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission (KGM) is a site that we have partnered with every year since we started our Shake-Up program 6 years ago.  They have the largest facilities of any organization that we partner with and are most equipped to handle large quantities of volunteers.  You could volunteer all four days here and the kids could potentially do something different each day because of the variety of work options that they have.  They rely upon hundreds of volunteers hours every week in order to run everything that they do.
KGM is a shelter for homeless people.  They have both an overnight program with shelters that house hundreds of people each night and a long-term rehab program in which people stay in more dorm style housing and regularly attend classes.  The classes they use include practical work skills & education, financial awareness & responsibility classes, and Bible classes.  Part of their long-term program also includes them volunteering a certain number of hours per week in the same spaces that our groups volunteer.  In addition to their shelters, they also run a kitchen which serves meals during every meal time, have a store that runs just like a Goodwill, and have an auto repair/sales place in which they receive donated cars to sell for cheap and train some of their long-term members on skills working with car maintenance.
KGM offers several different types of work that can be rotated through each day.  The main areas that people would be divided into are the store, the kitchen, cleaning in the shelters, and maintenance.  The store involves anything from organizing incoming donations in the warehouse, to moving items from the warehouse to the store and setting them up on shelves, to mopping the floors and cleaning the shelves that the items are stored on. The kitchen can include organizing incoming donations (they arrive daily in truckloads because of the amount of food they serve at every meal), sorting through stored food to throw out anything that has expired, helping clean the dining area, and helping serve lunch to people (this depends on how many other volunteers are working in the kitchen area).  

For more information on what Shake-Up is or how you can get involved, head to http://www.miraclecamp.com/shakeup/!



Summer Camp is Almost Here!!!

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Summer Camp will be here in less than 2 months! We are already planning and preparing for this summer and spots are starting to fill up fast! Here are the dates and ages for our Summer Camps for this year!

June 11-17: Middle School 1
June 18-24: Junior High 1
June 25 – July 1: Senior High 1
July 5-8: Grade School 1
July 9-15: Junior High 2
July 16-22: Senior High 2
July 23-29: Northwoods
July 30 – August 5: Grade School 2
July 30 – August 2: Grade School 3
August 6-12: Middle School 2

Grade School // 2nd – 4th Grade
Middle School // 5th – 7th Grade
Junior High // 6th – 8th Grade
Senior High // 9th – 12th Grade

For more information on our Summer Camps, go to www.miraclecamp.com/summercamp!

Update on the Evergreen Project!

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We are getting closer and closer to our $300,000 matching goal! So far, we have raised over $231,000 since early December! We want to thank you all so much for your generosity and support. As you can see, we have already begun dropping trees around the Evergreen building as we prepare for the renovation. We are so excited to see everything coming together! However, we still need your help in raising $69,000 more this year. Any gift, whether big or small, goes a long way in helping us serve others and continue to preach Jesus to thousands every year!

If you would like to give a financial gift, you can visit http://www.miraclecamp.com/giving/.

We again thank you all so much for your financial and prayerful support!

What We Have Planned for Women’s Retreat Workshops!

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Each year, we have hundreds of women attend Women’s Retreat. We love being able to come together and learn more about how to serve and honor God with each other. Here are some of the leaders and topics for the workshops we have planned for this year!

Women’s Retreat 1
Challis Bower – Peace and Quiet for Our Souls in a Trouble-Filled World
Cathie Quillet – When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned
Bonnie Hudspeath – Lord, Whatever it Takes, Make Me More Like You!
Tina Hazelett – Worship Through Dance
Jenn King – How to Be a Proverbs 31 Woman in a World Full of Jezebels
Jill Clay – From Why Me? To Why Not Me? To Wow! What a Mighty God We Serve!

Women’s Retreat 2
Wendy Wildenberg – Being Real
Jana Vastbinder – Strength in Weakness
Jaime Farrell – Title TBD
Jill Clay – From Why Me? To Why Not Me? To Wow! What a Mighty God We Serve!

To check out more about Women’s Retreat, the speakers, prices, and dates, visit www.miraclecamp.com/womensretreat!

What is Shake Up?

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Shake-Up Kalamazoo is a service-based program for youth groups during the summer that Miracle Camp runs alongside of its Summer Camp program. The purpose of Shake-Up is to provide an opportunity for middle school and high school youth group to serve together as a group and make an impact in the community by partnering with an inner city Kalamazoo organization for 4 days of service. Shake-Up is where the biblical focus of Miracle Camp, the creative fun of summer camp, and the life-changing experiences of a domestic mission trip all come together in one.

Biblical Focus of Miracle Camp: Miracle camp strives to focus everything around Scripture. What does the Bible say, what does it tell us to do, and how do we live that out? Each evening we will have a chapel session with worship and biblical teaching from a speaker. It is during these evening sessions that we will be built up through worship and an understanding through Scripture of our calling to serve so that we can go out the next morning and put it into action.

Creative Fun of Summer Camp: Spend your evenings together as a group enjoying the various activities that Miracle Camp’s wonderful summers have to offer. The activities that you will get to experience during your week of Shake-Up include Zipline, Tubing, High Ropes, Dodgeball, Paintball (New 2017), Waterfront, and more!

Impactful Mission Trip Experience: One of the greatest things about mission trips is that in our efforts to help others out, we ourselves are often impacted just as much as they are. Whether it is building character through the hard work of cleaning, learning the importance of attention to detail while painting, or realizing how thankful we should be when we see the living situations of those less fortunate than us, your week of serving will be a sure fire way for your group to put humility into practice and be challenged to do things that they wouldn’t have to do in their day to day lives.

For more information on Shake-Up, visit http://www.miraclecamp.com/shakeup/

Check Out What We Have Planned for Women’s Retreat!

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Spring is quickly approaching and we have already started preparing for Women’s Retreat! We are so excited for all the amazing activities we have planned for this year. Here are some the activities you can expect to see at this year’s women’s retreats:

  • Engaging Bible teaching
  • Worship sessions
  • Zip line
  • High ropes
  • Tasty meals
  • Comfortable, modern facilities
  • Archery
  • Coffee shop
  • Workshops to dig deeper
  • Dessert Room
  • Paintball and Trap Shooting
  • Time and space to hang out with friends

We also are excited to offer a few different Pinterest crafts throughout the weekend! Here are a couple of the crafts we have plans for this year:

State String Art (various states available)

Wood Plaque Door Sign

The dates for this year’s Women’s Retreats are April 21-23 and April 28-30. If you would like to see the speakers, price, and any other information about Women’s Retreat, visit www.miraclecamp.com/womensretreat!

We still have a few spots left so make sure to register for Women’s Retreat as soon as you can to secure a spot! To register, visit www.miraclecamp.com!