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Part Time at Miracle Camp

Work in a fun, Christ centered environment alongside our team of over 20 high school and college age students as you play a crucial role in serving guests who are on campus. Work hours at camp fit very well with school schedules as the majority of our staffing needs are during the weekends and in the summer.

Hours that fit your schedule

Work with others your age

Find significance in your job

Opportunities to increase pay

The work schedule at camp fits very well with a high schooler’s schedule. Many of our work needs are during weekends or during the summer.

The majority of our part time staff are currently in high school or college. Work side by side with our team of over 20 employees your age!

Our part time staff plays a crucial role in serving our guests. Find meaning in what you’re doing while working in a fun, Christ-centered environment.

Pay starts at minimum wage with the chance for increased pay. Our staff begins working in the kitchen with opportunities to work in other areas.

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