We are about a month or two into the school year and life is getting busy. Parents are trying to adjust to the new school year schedule and activities that they have to keep up with as well as keeping up with their own work, social life, and spiritual life. Kids are trying to figure out their schedule as well and depending on their age there are several factors that go into this. Young children are attempting to get used to full days and they are starting to maybe grasp that idea of God in their lives. Teenagers are trying to figure out how to balance their days while also finding time for their spiritual life. Parents play a crucial role in helping their children find that balance as well as help guide them in their spiritual journey. When parents are able to help their children find that time or even implement that time into their children’s schedules then it creates an easier flow to adding time with God into their life. 

How can parents help their children to foster their spiritual life in such a crazy season of life? Implement daily prayer into the family’s schedule! When is a time that the family is all together and how can you use this time together to foster spiritual growth? Christ calls us to be in community, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them,” Matthew 18:20. With this, every family dynamic is different. Maybe finding this time is difficult as an entire family or maybe every schedule seems to be fighting against this desire for a family spiritual time. Well, what can a weekend away as parent and child do for you?

A weekend away can bring so many benefits to the relationships between parents and children of all ages. Miracle Camp and Retreat Center offers activities that help foster the importance of this relationship. We will have specific chapel sessions catered to parents and their children as well as time to start important conversations. This is a time for Christ to be at the center of a weekend full of learning and fun! The weekend is packed with activities that every parent and child can enjoy such as crafts, zip lining, dodgeball, putt putt, and so much more! Come join us for a weekend away and discover all that God can do in your relationship as parent and child in just one weekend and how He can continually help to foster and grow this relationship with Him at the center.