We had an amazing winter season here at Miracle Camp! Our Ice Camps just ended and we are overwhelmed with gratitude towards all the groups who came to Ice Camp and for all of your support!

It’s so encouraging to hear of kids coming to salvation, making decisions to be baptized, or finally feeling like they are part of their youth group. We’re so happy to hear how the groups that came to Ice Camp bonded together more than normal years as well — groups got to enjoy more time with each other, and got to try things that they maybe wouldn’t have during a normal year. It’s awesome to see how being “forced” to try things a new way actually ended up working out for the better. So much so, we plan to incorporate some of the same structure into our programming for next year, even if all restrictions are lifted.

Praise the Lord for all of the work he did through campers lives during Ice Camp and for his protection over everyones safety! Over the 9 weeks we didn’t have any COVID outbreaks! We are so thankful for everyones safety and grateful that we are able to still run camp safely during these hard times.

Spring is Coming!

Now that our Ice Camps are finished, spring is coming and our Man Camps and Women’s Retreats are now starting up! If you are interested in coming please sign up! If you are curious about our current COVID-19 policies you can contact us at info@miraclecamp.com. If you would like more information about Man Camp and Women’s Retreat just click the buttons below!