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The Best Week of Your Life

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Grow Close to God.

We want every person to experience God in a real way this summer.


Michigan Christian Summer Camps

We are looking forward to this coming summer at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center!!! Our camp is located in Michigan, not far from Indiana, Illinois, or Ohio  Our summer camps are Christian in focus and help campers see their need for God.  Here at Miracle Camp we want campers to learn what it means to live life to the full! Every day is an adventure that God has given us. All our Christian camp staff are high energy, fun-filled individuals who will lead your camper in activities throughout the week. They have been fully trained to provide your camper with a safe, fun week here at summer camp in Michigan. Please contact us about sending your child to camp. We guarantee they will have a great week!

Summer Camp Highlights

  • Fantastic college staff to mentor your camper
  • Fun engaging outdoor activities for all ages
  • Blobbing, tubing, water trampoline
  • Tasty, nutritious meals
  • Comfortable modern facilities

2019 Camps by Age Group

Click on any of the blocks below to learn more about summer camps for that age group.

NOTE: Grade levels shown are based on the grade camper will be going into in the upcoming school year.

Grade School Camps – 2nd-4th Grades

Grade School 1 – July 28-August 3 – $425

Grade School 2 – July 28-31 (Half week) – $275

Grade School 3 – July 31-August 3 (Half week) – $275


More Info on Grade School Camps

Middle School Camps – 5th-7th Grades

Middle School 1 – June 16-22 – $425

Junior High / Middle School Mix – August 4-10 –$425

More Info on Middle School Camps

Junior High Camps – 6th-8th Grades

Junior High 1 – June 9-15 -$425

Junior High 2 – July 7-13 -$425

Junior High / Middle School Mix – August 4-10 – $425

More Info on Junior High Camps

High School Camps – 9th-12th Grades

Senior High 1 – June 23-29 – $450

Senior High 2 – July 21-27 – $450

More Info on High School Camps

High School Camp Aide Program – 10th-12th Grades

More Info on Camp Aiding

Financial Assistance

We want to make sure that every kid has a chance to attend summer camp at Miracle Camp in Michigan.  We may be able to provide financial assistance to help offset some of the cost of summer camp.  Click the button below to apply for assistance.

Apply here for financial assistance

Safety At Summer Camp

At Miracle Camp and Retreat Center, we take great care to observe 3 basic summer camp priorities…safety, spiritual growth, and fun.  Of those, safety is our highest priority.  Here are a couple highlights of our efforts to make Miracle Camp what we feel is one of the safest camps in Michigan!

On Site Health Officers

Each week of camp has 2 licensed Health Officers on staff plus a medical assistant. These health officers help administer medication and respond to emergencies, big and small.

Certified Lifeguards

We have 8  lifeguards on summer staff the entire free time on the waterfront. That is 6 more lifeguards than we are required to have by law.  All lifeguards are Red Cross certified and trained on our emergency procedures.

Low Staff to Camper Ratio

Each week we have 1 staff for every 4 campers to ensure a high degree of safety and quality relationships built.

Background Checks

Each staff member is screened with a background check and 3 references before they work at camp.

In Person Interviews

Last year we interviewed 90 applicants for 50 summer positions…IN PERSON! We travelled more than 2,000 miles over the course of the interviews to make sure we had the best staff possible. Having this many applicants gives us a lot of choice to pick the most TOP NOTCH, well qualified staff that are going to take care of your child while they’re here in Michigan.

A Place Where Lives Are Changed

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at our purposes, goals, priorities, or values…if you spend a little time around Miracle Camp and Retreat Center, you will know that we’re focused on helping people know God in a deeper way!  We believe that relationships are the heart of ministry and each summer, our counselors will pour their hearts and lives into the campers in their care.  Helping people know God more is why we exist and what we hope will happen to your camper while they are here in Michigan!

Click on these links for more information about our statement of faith and what we believe.

Keep Growing at Home!

DocumentAs much as we want to, we can’t send your counselor home with you! But just because your week of camp is done doesn’t mean you have to be done growing closer to God. Before you left camp on Saturday you should have gotten a follow-up packet with helpful guides on how to read your Bible, how to pray, and very practical things you can do at home to grow closer to Christ. If you want to keep going through stuff like this, or want to share it with a friend, we have those same resources right here for you! Just click on the icon on the left!

Relevant Chapel Sessions

Campers get to experience 2 chapel sessions each day that include worship and a Bible teacher who will communicate God’s word on a level relevant to the age of the campers.  We believe that the Bible is powerful and changes lives and we want campers to experience this each week.

Cabin Devotions

After the evening chapel session, campers will have an opportunity to have a devotional led by their counselor and to have some time discussing what the speaker talked about in chapel that night.  This will allow campers to be able to personalize the topic of the chapel session.

Counselor Mentors

Each counselor will have an hour one on one conversation with each camper.  These discussions are put into place so that each counselor can help each camper grow closer to God personally.  Counselors are trained to challenge students to read and apply God’s word and to spend time in prayer.

Daily Personal Devotions

In the morning after the chapel session each camper will have the ability to spend some time outside with their Bible and a daily devotional.  We want to train campers not just to hear God’s word, but also to read and study it for themselves.

Cabin Preview

Below is a preview of each of our cabins that we use each summer.  Each cabin has multiple rooms that look like the image shown below.  Cabins are assigned randomly based on cabinmate requests and thus we are unable to accommodate specific cabin requests.  All cabins are air conditioned and have a bathroom in the room in which your camper is staying.

Boys room

Boys room

Girls room

Girls room

Girls room

360º Virtual Tours

Go a step better and view our virtual tours to get an interactive 360° view of the rooms. See Virtual Tours

Healthy, Tasty Meals

We don’t believe in cooking “camp food” at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center.  We want each meal to be extremely tasty as well as nutritious.  Below is a sample menu from a typical day of summer camp.  This menu may vary based on the age of campers and obviously we serve different menus each day.  However, you can expect a similarly balanced meal for your child at summer camp.

Food allergies?

If your camper has any food allergies, simply note this on your registration form in the medical section and we will take care of their specific nutritional needs.  We are here to serve you and help your camper have an awesome week at camp.


  • Cheesy Eggs
  • Plain Eggs
  • Tater Tots
  • Bacon
  • Oatmeal with Toppings
  • Fruit bar
  • Granola, Yogurt
  • Breakfast Pizza


  • Turkey Cheddar Subs
  • Ham N Swiss Subs
  • Curly Fries
  • Carrot Coins
  • Salad Bar
  • Assorted Cookies


  • Nacho Bar with toppings
  • Chips and Nacho Cheese
  • Beef or Chicken
  • Rice and Beans
  • Salad Bar
  • Churros

Who will be taking care of my camper?

Each year we hire around 50 college age students to lead our summer camps. We have a program office of 10 junior or senior college age students that make up our leadership team and 40 college staff that work as counselors, lifeguards, and in a variety of other capacities.

Each staff member has been screened through our many safety precautions and a personal interview. They are quality young people who are seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with God.

We interview around 130 applicants and end up hiring around 50 students so we have an excellent, quality staff that is committed to doing whatever it takes to caring for your child.

For more information on how to apply to summer staff please visit our summer employment page.

What to Pack

  • Clothing for outside, the gym, and colder nights”
  • Swimsuit (please use modesty), towel, and sunscreen”
  • Bible, notebook, and pen”
  • Bedding (i.e. sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, or twin- sized bed sheets)”
  • Flashlight and bug spray”
  • Towels, washcloth, soap, toothbrush, other toiletries”
  • Daily Medication”
  • Tennis shoes and sandals”
  • Waterbottle”
  • Camera (optional)”
  • Money for the trip home “

What NOT to bring: Things you don’t want to lose (valuables), cell phones, and things that can hurt people (knives, weapons, paintball guns, etc.)”

Important Parent Information

DocumentParents! Please check out the Parent Information Packet once you have registered your child for summer camp. This link will allow you to view and download a PDF which will guide you through the registration process. It contains everything you need to know as you and your child prepare for their week at summer camp!

Promotional Materials

For promotional materials, including videos and handouts, click on the button below!

Promo Page


Our first summer camp priority is safety and we take it very seriously.  We have safety training, policies and background checks in place to ensure your camper will have a safe week of camp.  But the most important thing we do for safety is take hiring seriously.  We believe that our staff is one of the safest summer camp teams in the nation.

Spiritual Growth

Our second priority at summer camp is to make sure that each camper grows closer to God while they are here.  We want to make sure that the Bible is preached clearly and relevantly to every camper and that each counselor challenges campers to apply God’s word to their life.


It might sound shallow, but we truly hope that every camper has one of the best weeks of their life while they are at Miracle Camp.  Our staff strives to spend time with each camper, to do activities and games that can’t be done at home, and to provide creative experiences for each kid.  We truly do believe that campers have as much fun here as at Disney World!

Medical Staff

Each week of summer camp, we have trained medical staff who are qualified to handle a potential emergency situation. We take every precaution to make sure everything we do is as safe as possible and we make sure we are prepared if an injury or emergency should arise.


We want to keep you in the loop while your child is at camp. You will be able to see the fun your camper is having through photos uploaded each day and can follow along with the lessons they are learning in chapel through our podcasts. You also can send your child a letter or package to let them know you are thinking about them!

Dietary Needs

Our kitchen staff is awesome at meeting the dietary needs of campers that are here. We want you to be able to send your child to camp without worrying about what they will have to eat. Let our chef know about any dietary needs before you child comes to camp by emailing us at

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Maddie loved her counselor and is inspired to be a counselor when she gets older. She has continued to use the worship journal and is growing her faith.

A summer camper parent

My daughter was thrilled with her "one-on-one" with her counselor, Katelyn, and was able to articulate how she grew in Christ during the week. This is priceless! Thanks for your ministry.

A mother

I love the pictures posted daily. As a parent with a child away at camp for a week, that is the highlight of the day...checking pictures each day and seeing everyone having fun with the activities.

A camper's parent