Safety is our #1 Priority

Our Safety Procedures

The health and safety of our guests and campers has been and will continue to be Miracle Camp’s utmost priority. In light of the current health crisis, our team has implemented additional safety procedures to comply with state and federal mandates and recommendations. As we begin opening up our events, we are committed to having procedures in place that will mitigate any potential impact on our guests and campers and we want you to feel comfortable sending your child up to camp. Here is a list of our safety procedures:

General Procedures

  • We will require all guests who are experiencing any concerning symptoms or who have had any known contact with an ill or infected person to stay at home.
  • In compliance with the recommendations from the Michigan Department of Health and Human services, we will:
    • Move to smaller and staggered gatherings.
    • Require staff and volunteers to stay home when sick and to notify the organization of illness.
    • Communicate and reinforce to guests and staff best practices for washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes.
    • Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, like doorknobs, handles, equipment, and light switches.
    • Ensure hand hygiene and sanitation supplies are readily accessible.
    • Implement social distancing measures (not shaking hands, keeping a distance, etc.)
    • Enhance food service safety protocols including modified serving methods.
    • Encourage those who are at high risk or vulnerable to stay home and/or implement additional safety protocols.

Additional Summer Camp Procedures

  • Camper capacity will be limited to 10 campers per cabin to allow us to remain more spaced out in cabins and buildings.  
  • All meals will be served cafeteria style to prevent the use of shared utensils on the buffet. 
  • Cabins will be thoroughly cleaned daily, as well as between each week of Summer Camp. 
  • A trained health care professional will be on campus at all times. 
  • Any participant with a fever over 100ºF will be isolated from others immediately and will wait to be picked up by their parents. 
  • All campers will have to pass a health screening before they are admitted into any of our programs. 
  • Parents and other guests will be limited on arrival and departure days. 
  • Campers will be taught about proper social distancing practices at the beginning of each week of camp: increased handwashing, no sharing of food or drink, etc. 
  • More cabin-oriented programming and less all-camp gatherings and games. 

Have questions about our safety procedures?

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