Internships at Miracle Camp

Miracle Camp & Retreat Center’s Internship Program is designed to serve exiting high school and college students who are launching into years of obtaining skills for work or considering educational options. A “gap-year” such as this proves invaluable, especially for those who want more experience in a variety of areas, are unsure of their next steps, or want to get a taste of camp ministry. Rather than staying caught in the middle between what is now and “what’s next”, this internship exists to step in and help prepare participants for a lifetime of fruitful vocation while they work alongside the MCRC team serving groups, churches, and individuals through multiple avenues.

Centered around gospel application, this internship takes an in-depth look at servant leadership, 21st century life skills, and gives students time to discover their purpose. The gospel story gives us the adventure of a lifetime to discover, understand, and pursue the purpose we are given in Jesus Christ. The purpose of the internship is to create an environment where students will be given hands-on opportunities to discover vocational purpose while growing in Christ, gaining direction in the following areas:

1) Discovering gifts

2) Building vocational skills

3) Exploring calling & life plan

Miracle Camp has the privilege of serving guests year-round. A training and assimilation period will occur at the start of the program to acclimate students to the Miracle Camp culture and rhythm. They will serve alongside Summer Camp and assist with the variety of Guest Groups during the summer season. August – April is the “tri-season” in which the interns will serve in more specified roles and teams depending on their area of focus and skill set.

Camping is an energetic, team based, all-hours type of environment that demands fluidity for guests, specificity with staff and the challenges of being in a new environment. To prepare students for these unique and exciting challenges, we offer the following: discipleship & team-based ministry, weekly pay with set time off, and opportunities for training, certification and career advancement.

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The internship start dates are May, August, and January.

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2019 in the areas of:

  • Guest Service & Administration
  • Culinary Arts
  • Digital Design
  • Camping & Hospitality

A weekly stipend of $175 is provided in addition to work meals, living quarters, and training. Proof of medical insurance is required. Unfortunately we are unable to house any pets do to shared common areas. If you have special needs, please address them with the Ministry Lead. A second-year option is available to be reapplied for in March.

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Biblical Focus

We believe that the Bible holds ultimate authority for everything we do. And while Miracle Camp is 100% a business, we are also 100% a ministry. Everything we do as an organization is motivated by the example of Christ. Our work at Camp glorifies God and is done in a spirit of worship.


Miracle Camp works to strengthen churches and families. We believe that the church is responsible for spreading the hope of the gospel message to the ends of the earth. We want to do everything we can to come alongside churches and serve their congregations.


Our staff is the heartbeat of our ministry here and one of our most valuable resources. We couldn’t do anything here without an awesome team in place. The staff that we hire are responsible to carry out our mission, serve our guests, and build relationships with people. Ministry happens when we pour into others and walk towards Christ together.