Lanita Boyers

Lanita Boyers, a returning speaker to Women’s Retreat, has a heart for women and has been ministering to them for over 35 years.  This year at Women’s Retreat, she will be addressing what it means that we are made in the image of God.  We will begin in Genesis and end up in Revelation as we explore the implications and responsibilities of being image bearers.  At the fall, our ability to reflect God accurately was broken, but Jesus came again to show us how to do just that.  The hope of this weekend is that women will fall in love with Jesus deeply as we see how HE reflects God’s image as we pattern our life after Him.  Then finally we will take a joyful look forward to eternity where we can finally look upon his image face to face.  What a day that will be!

Lanita is from Archbold, Ohio.  In addition to her career in the financial services industry, she supports her husband in pastoral and overseas ministry, leads marriage retreats, disciples and mentors women, and organizes a Mom’s ministry at their church.   Matt and Lanita have 4 children (now 8 children as they have married) and 9 grandchildren.