Keeping Faith Campaign – Evergreen Project

The Evergreen Project is the newest development in the Keeping Faith Campaign. As part of our sustainability initiative, this project helps us meet the needs of the groups we are currently turning away. For these churches and groups, there is a need for a chapel like meeting space, that is similar to our current chapel, where they can gather and hold their own services.

Evergreen (the old Bunkhouse) is a cabin that needs renovating and has the available space for this addition. It’s construction will give us the needed secondary meeting space, and allow us to serve multiple large groups at the same time. By renovating this building and adding on this new meeting space, we will now be able to accommodate an additional:

  • 10 guest groups (at least) ­per year
  • Ice Camp beds ­– 32 beds per weekend for 9 weekends
  • Man Camp beds ­ — 32 beds per weekend for 4 weekends
  • Women’s Retreat beds ­ — 32 per weekend for 2 weekends
  • Summer Camp ­– 20 beds per week for 9 weeks
  • Marriage Retreat ­ — 8 beds per weekend for 2 weekends

The resources from this project will provide camp with a new revenue stream and put us on a financial path that prepares Miracle Camp for the next 50 years of ministry. In addition, this project will allow us to have our expenses equal our fees which will allow us to utilize donations to better the guest experience and better maintain our facilities.

Evergreen Project info:

  • Total Square Feet: 12,825
  • Sleeping Space Capacity:­ 80 (up from 48)
  • Meeting Space Capacity:­ 220
  • Main Meeting Space Size:­ 4320 sq foot
  • Interior Gathering Room Size ­ 2480 sq foot
  • Cabins would increase from sleeping 5-7 to 10
  • Design would add 12 feet onto each cabin for bathrooms and gut the existing bathrooms to make room for additional beds
  • Design would move the electrical from the center of Evergreen to the corner
  • Design would move well system from the parking lot to the corner
  • Design would have the same bunk to floor ratio as Mapleridge
  • Building would end up being 135 feet by 95 feet
  • All showers would include private shower changing areas
  • Design includes housekeeping storage, bed/frame storage (for exchanging a queen mattress during family/marriage season) and table/chair storage area
  • Design includes men’s and women’s bathrooms in the meeting area
  • Design includes a waterfront men’s and women’s bathrooms
  • Design includes a warming kitchen

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