Safety is our #1 Priority

Safer at Camp

In light of the current health crisis, our team here at camp wants to assure you that we are putting your safety first. We have implemented numerous guidelines this year to ensure we are being as safe as possible. In fact, the location and environment of our campus makes it safer than many other places that people visit every day. Here are some of the ways that you and your group is safer here at camp. 

Wide Open Spaces

One thing that we love about camp is the beautiful property that we have been blessed with. Our campus allows our guests to enjoy camp while still being able to stay distanced from other people that are here. There aren’t many places that people go in their daily lives that allows them to be in such wide open spaces.

Remote and Secluded

Get away from the busy and crowded cities and towns and enjoy some time away from others. Camp is located far away from the COVID hotspots and is a much safer place to be than in the city.

Limiting Shared Spaces

In order to keep groups distanced from one another we are limiting shared spaces as much as we can. Each group’s housing and meeting space will be away from other groups as much as possible. Other areas that will be shared, such as the dining hall, will be sanitized between each group.

In the midst of a lot of hesitation and uncertainty, our team here at Miracle Camp wants to assure you that your safety is our first priority. We do believe that being at camp is safer than many other places, even the grocery store. We would love to serve you and have you up to camp this year and are more than happy to talk more about how we are being safe here at camp. 

If you would like to talk more about our safety procedures, or about bringing your group to camp, click here.