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Sample Daily Schedule:
7:30 — Counselor Devos
8:30 — Breakfast and Staff Meeting
9:15 — Core (AC Devos)
10:30 — Cabin Devos
11:00 — Bubtivity 1
11:45 — Bubtivity 2
12:30 — Lunch and Hillsong
1:15 — R & R
2:00 — Bro/Sis Challenge
2:45 — Cabin Activity Time
3:30 — Free Time
5:30 — Dinner
7:30 — Core
9:00 — Cabin Devos
9:45 — Lights Out
10:30 — Cabin Leader or Assistant Cabin Leader Worship

Arrival Role:

  1. Any camper who brings medication will be seen by the Health Officer during check in.
  2. Health Officer will collect camper medicine and place it in Ziploc baggies with camper name, cabin leader name, medication name and dosage instructions.
  3. All medication must be in original container and clearly marked.
  4. Any medication brought to camp that is kept in stock in the Health Office can be sent back home with parents — if camper came on a bus, the health office can store medication for the week.
  5. The only medication campers are allowed to keep with them are rescue inhalers and epi-pens.
  6. Prep any supper meds that will need to be distributed that night.

Later that Night:

  1. Review and alphabetize all Health Screening Forms.
  2. Make a list of dietary needs or food allergies and communicate them to the kitchen.
  3. Prep and sort medications for the next day (at least for breakfast and lunch).
  4. Put camper meds in alphabetical order in laundry baskets for easy storage.

Departure Role:

  1. Package all camper meds and deliver to cabin leaders at breakfast.
  2. Cabin leaders are in charge of making sure campers put meds in their bags to take home.
  3. Restock cabinets and prep the Health Office for the next week.