Last week we caught up with Karl Figg to hear his journey with Miracle Camp. The Figg family was here at camp volunteering their time and efforts to clean up camp before the summer season starts. What in the world would make this family want to come stay at camp without all the fun luxuries of the zip line, blob, and other fun activities? Well, keep reading to find out why they have been so impacted by camp and are so willing to give back.

Karl and his family of 7 have been coming to camp since 1998. He and his wife, Holly, heard about Miracle Camp’s Family Camp and thought it would be a cool opportunity to spend time with the family and hopefully find a place for their children to call “home” in future summers. Needless to say, camp has been home to them in more ways than one over the past 17 years. The Figg’s have faithfully returned to Family Camp every year since ’98. More than that, they found it to be a place where their 5 kids could grow in Christ, have a safe and fun summer camp experience, and interact with other believers.

293916_10150272824141315_410675_nThe kids have been involved in Summer Camp, the Camp Aide program, various positions on the summer staff, and even the Intern program. It’s safe to say that Karl and Holly knew what they were doing when they signed up for Family Camp all those years ago. This goofy, sometimes out of control, deeply rooted in Christ family has helped shape the culture of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center over the years. Their history here has impacted the lives of so many – whether it be campers, other staff members, or various guests.

One of the coolest things Karl told us was that before taking their family to camp, they felt as if they were in it alone. They knew they needed to be a positive influence for their children, but they felt as if something was missing. After finding their niche in the world of Family Camp, they realized they didn’t have to “go it alone.” There were families all around them raising children and longing to support one another as friends and family in Christ.


We love that the Figg’s have found a home with Miracle Camp. They have truly been impacted by their years at camp and are turning that impact into a huge blessing back to us at camp. Their service, prayers, and faithful encouragement has been vital to our ministry and we consider them family to us.


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