Meet our friend, Annette Walker. This 18 year old, self-proclaimed flower child is truly a delight. We got to know Annette a few summers ago when she attended her first summer camp. It was friendship at first sight. Since then, she has joined the ranks as a Miracle Camp and Retreat Center part-time staff member. We get to see her on a pretty regular basis, so we’re pretty lucky. After knowing Annette for awhile, we knew we wanted to share her story with you. She had a truly life-changing experience at camp a few years ago, and it’s changed the entire trajectory of her life…we think that’s pretty awesome.

When we visited Annette’s house to capture her story, her family welcomed us in, let us light their delicious smelling candles, and even cooked dinner for us! The Walker family is such a fun group of people and we were more than honored to spend the evening with them. We also got to spend some time with Annette in her daily routine. This young photographer is often outside in her woods capturing beautiful moments. Her cats, Benjamin and Tigger, love following her around. You’ll see special guest appearances by them in the video above!

Annette---PhotosAs we started unfolding more of Annette’s story, it became evident that God had been trying to speak to her for a long time. She shares that she experienced some painful events in her youth which contributed to a downhill spiral of depression and addiction. This spunky, fun-loving girl was lost in darkness. Annette went to summer camp at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center for the first time in high-school. She remembers hearing a song called “Everything” by Lifehouse in one of the chapel services. It was in that moment that she finally felt the Spirit of the Lord reach out to her and change her life.

You are the strength,
That keeps me walking.
You are the hope,
That keeps me trusting.
You are the light,
To my soul.
You are my purpose,
You’re everything.

When Annette heard those words, she gave her life to the Lord. She went home and couldn’t wait to tell her mom about her decision. In the following weeks, Annette and her mom talked through her depression, addictions, and different things she needed to surrender. She trusted in God through the process of letting go of those things. For the first time, Annette experienced true joy from the Lord.

Today, Annette is operating in true freedom. She deeply understands her need for a savior and knows that she is loved by her Creator. Though her initial life-change happened a few years ago, Annette shares that Miracle Camp and Retreat Center is a place where she continues to experience God. Whether it be through the Camp Aide program, working activities on the weekends, or visiting friends, Annette continually sees the presence of God at camp.


Do you have a story like Annette’s? We want to hear it! Send us an email, write on our Facebook wall, or send us a letter. We know stories like this happen often at camp. We want to make it our mission to share these stories that have changed your lives. Thanks for reading!