Andrew Betz, native to the Fort Wayne, IN area, is a freshman at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. Unlike several summer staff members, Andrew didn’t grow up coming to Miracle Camp and Retreat Center for summer camp. Instead, he attended an Ice Camp when he was in high school and it was his first introduction to the ministry.

Andrew-Betz_Thumb2During the 2014 summer, Andrew served the Miracle Camp summer staff in the Outdoor Adventure department and he was an assistant counselor. He remembers praying for patience as the summer approached, thinking his comfort level and patience would be tested by interacting with so many kids on a daily basis. He was surprised to find that he was more challenged in having patience with staff members than the campers. Andrew struggled to fit in at times and longed for people to understand his sense of humor and his heart for the Lord.

IMG_9603As the summer days grew longer, Andrew learned to revel in the differences among staff members. He found so much enjoyment in learning how different people work and he was able to clearly see the Lord moving in people in different ways. Throughout the summer, he was able to understand the character of Jesus more, and he learned firsthand how Jesus provides rest. This concept has challenged Andrew to be rest to other people. He wants to do this by accepting people for their differences. He has been able to clearly understand the commandments to love God and love others. He continues to pray for patience and has seen how this lesson has impacted his experience in college as he interacts with new personalities and learns to see people like Jesus does.


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