Next Gen Pipeline

The Next Gen Pipeline represents how we are a catalyst for faith in Jesus as Lord that intentionally reaches and develops the next generation. Here the job of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center (MCRC) is to create an environment that partners with the ministry of the local church to lay the foundation that develops the next generation of church leaders. Our process is:


Family Camp and Parent/Child Retreats

value the family unit and the individual relationship within. By focusing on equipping parents as the primary transmitters of the faith and introducing the children to Christ we build up the family as the essential building block of the local church. Equally important is a child's individual discipleship, which beings growing in middle school and is the focus of our summer camps.

// Discipleship Focus: introduction to Christ, content


Summer Camp

is a chance to grow and stretch faith for youth for the first time without mom and dad around. As our largest annual event, we see this as the most exciting opportunity to motivate and challenge students to own their walk with Jesus personally through one-on-one discipleship and daily devotionals. While many youth come expecting the best week of the summer, our parallel goal is to identify returning students who show a desire to grow in their gifts and walk with Christ.

// Discipleship Focus: one-on-ones, cabin devotions


Camp Aide

Understanding the Gospel and how Jesus interacted with people, the Camp Aide Program is the beginning of the next level of discipleship. Utilizing the summer camp attendees we will focus on those who want to live out their faith by serving in behind the scenes roles. An increased focus on self-feeding and personal spiritual disciplines are added program components.

// Discipleship Focus: personal devotions, bible study, service


Summer Staff and Program Office

are both next steps in the Next Gen pipeline that represent the biggest opportunity for students to engage in personal ministry. Those who have completed our Camp Aide and Summer Camp programs are prime to serve in these roles that include leading activities and events, personal discipleship of campers, and leadership within a group context. The curriculum includes two-week training intensive and practical skill development in sharing the gospel with campers. Each year, MCRC trains, develops, and sends out around fifty college students back out into their churches who have spend an entire summer in full-time ministry. Many of our summer staff apply from a wide range of Christian colleges within the region, making MCRC a hub for young leaders.

// Discipleship Focus: discipling others, unity



are the final pipeline piece and they exist to help students discover their gifts, build their skills and find their calling in a variety of fields. Because of the wide array of guests and regular events hosted by MCRC, interns are given a range of options and opportunities to serve. This positions MCRC to help train and place leaders in a multitude of local church roles.

// Discipleship Focus: vocational training, personal calling

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