Man Camp Work Projects: Get Your Chainsaws and Hammers Ready!

By March 2, 2017 Uncategorized

Every year, there are numerous men who come up to Man Camp a day early for our work day and give their time to help make various improvements around camp.  These projects through the years have ranged from putting new roofs on our buildings, to making improvements to our zipline tower, to building a new trap shoot range last year.  We have been able to accomplish some amazing things with the gracious help of men who have volunteered during our Man Camp work days.  

Our operations director, Larry Wyse, is in charge of all of the grounds and maintenance and is our staff member who directs all of the work and projects during those days.  Larry has been working to line up several work projects for our expected volunteers to work on during our four Man Camp Fridays in which work projects will be taking place. A large portion of the work that needs to be done this year is cutting down and cutting up trees to make room for some of our upcoming projects including the renovation of Evergreen.  While a lot of the focus will be spent on the various areas that we need wood being cut and moved, here is a more thorough list of projects that Larry has on the docket.  All projects, of course, are dependent upon weather, number of volunteers, experience of volunteers, and timeframe of projects that take priority.

  • Taking down, cutting up, and moving out 26 large trees that currently surround Evergreen
  • Clearing out some areas in the Back 40 for potential new activity areas
  • Forming and installing some concrete steps that go down to the lower level of a staff duplex
  • Building the man grill
  • Building a new bridge that goes across the toboggan run to the paintball course
  • Repair work on a section of the roof on the gym
  • Building some shelves in closets throughout camp

The more volunteers we get, the more projects we can complete and the faster our staff can move onto future projects!   Coming to the work day is not an extra cost, you will get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a mid-morning coffee and donuts break, and you can come in Thursday evening or Friday morning.  If you would like to be a part of this great experience to help continue to improve Miracle Camp, email to let them know and we will fill you in on more details and get you connected with Larry.