Keeping Faith Campaign Launch

A few days ago, I sent out a letter so some people on our mailing list.  I would love to make the text of that letter available to everyone.  We are excited to announce the launch of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center’s 50th Anniversary.  We are naming this year “Keeping Faith” and are collecting stories about life change on our website at  Be sure to follow along in the next few months to hear stories of what God has done at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center!

OK, here is the text of that letter…


Dear Friends of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center,

This summer, my daughter, Brittney, and my son, Brady, experienced summer camp at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center (MCRC) for the very first time. You would think that kids who are raised at camp wouldn’t find it all that special to attend summer camp, but that was not the case. They loved it! But they didn’t love it because of swimming, or playing dodgeball or even because of the amazing food. They loved it because of their counselors, Lyndsey and Alex. Our staff is incredible and is the heartbeat of this place.

But what about my grandchildren? What will Brittney and Brady’s children experience someday?

This year we are celebrating 50 years of life change at MCRC. But while we will take time this year to look back at the past 50 years, our main focus will be “Keeping Faith” for the next 50 years so that someday my grandchildren will have the same experience that my children had this summer. Keeping Faith is a vision for the future. It is purposed to increase capacity, ensure safety, and steward the resources entrusted to us so that we can make the next 50 years of ministry here at camp as powerful as the last 50 years.

Did you know that last year, while almost 14,000 guests had life changing experiences at MCRC, nearly 4,000 had to be placed on a waiting list? Even worse, for some of the 4,000, we had to say “no” to them coming to camp at all. We never want to have to say “no” or “wait” to someone who wants to attend a camp or retreat. Why? Because we know God uses us to provide life changing experience to people who come here. This has happened in your life, in your family’s life, in my own life, and in Brittney and Brady’s life at MCRC.

That is why Keeping Faith is one of the most important things that will happen this year at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. And because it is so important, we hope you will be deeply involved in everything that has to do with Keeping Faith and our 50th Anniversary Celebration. I am asking that you keep your eyes open for more information about Keeping Faith. I am asking you to be a part of the events that will happen this year as a part of Keeping Faith and our 50th Anniversary. And, I am asking you to join us on this Keeping Faith journey. It is a spiritual journey where we will be asking God, “What do you want to do through me to help more people experience life change?”

On behalf of the staff at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center and on behalf of my children, Brittney and Brady, thank you for your faithful partnership with MCRC. While many things change at camp from year to year, your faithfulness has been a constant that has been used by God to see His impact in the lives of kids, youth and adults. For all you have done for camp, please know it has been used to make His life change happen.


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Jason Coon
Executive Director