See your students grow and serve others in Kalamazoo

The perfect domestic missions trip

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Serve Others

Spend time serving people and organizations in the Kalamazoo area.

Exhilarating Activities

Enjoy awesome camp activities like the zipline, waterfront, and more!

Biblical Teaching

See your students grow in your faith through worship and Biblical teaching from our speaker.

Great Value

For almost a full week at camp, Guest Group Serve is only $299 for students and $149 for leaders. This price is all inclusive and includes all housing, meals, and activities!

Missions + Camp

Each summer students have to choose between a missions trip or going to summer camp.  We think that kids should be able to do both!  So we have designed an experience where students can come to camp AND spend time serving others.  And the best part is that we do all the planning for you.  So come join this Michigan service camp!

Applying God’s Word

During Guest Group Serve, there will be a speaker that challenges your students to apply God’s word to their lives.  Too often we focus on growing in knowledge without growing in obedience.  We hope your students will begin to study AND obey God’s word as they hear from the speaker and put it into practice each day.

Time to Connect

Every evening we will have time for you to connect as a group through discussion and activities.  Our staff will help you interact and grow through team building and shared fun experiences.  Then, after the speaker each evening, you will have a chance to debrief the day and talk together.

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A Week of Growth and Service

Through this program, we seek to combine elements of service, personal faith, and the camp experience to challenge students to serve purposefully and gain a unique perspective of what it’s like to serve others in humility.

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