Going Green

By September 23, 2010 November 18th, 2014 Life at Camp

We are in the process of starting to become more environmentally friendly here at MC.  You can read more in our upcoming newsletter, but here’s a couple areas we will be working on in the near future…


New blow dryers in public restrooms will reduce paper towel waste.  Hand towels will be provided in each guest room for hand drying rather than paper towels.

Electricity Usage

Replacing switches with motion sensors and timers will help eliminate lights being left on around camp.

The Dining Hall

All styrofoam products are being eliminated.  Fresh brewed, fair trade coffee will be served in reusable mugs. Paper and cardboard products are being reduced and recycled.  New bulk cereal dispensers will reduce individual packaging.


When you come to Miracle Camp, look for the recycling containers around campus.  Put your glass, plastic, or metal containers in these bins to help the recycling efforts.  We now have paper recycling bins in the offices to help us recycle all products we throw away.