Frequently Asked Questions

Miracle Camp 2021


 – An Overview –

Revised on May 25, 2021. As regulations are constantly changing, please check back regularly for updates.

Is it safe to send my child to camp?

Miracle Camp is committed to abiding by the guidelines and recommendations put out by the American Camping Association (ACA) and the CDC. These industry standards are serving as the guide for camps across the country as they consider how to operate safely. Of course, we need everyone to make the best decision for themselves on whether or not it would be safe for them to attend camp. If your camper or someone in your household has a preexisting medical condition, or if you have any concerns about sending your child to camp, please consult a trusted medical professional before signing up.

What happens if a camper or staff member has a suspected, probable, or confirmed case of COVID-19?

In each of these cases, we will defer to the opinion and authority of local health officials. We will lean on them to help us determine the best course of action and will rely on their help to communicate with you as parents accordingly. In the case that Miracle Camp would be asked shut down and you will be contacted immediately so you can come get your child.

What if my camper gets a fever while they’re at camp? What about other COVID-19 symptoms?

If your child gets a fever over 100.4ºF, we will contact you immediately so that you can come pick them up and take them home. Although a fever does not automatically mean that your child has COVID-19, we don’t want to take any chances. Other symptoms such as headaches, nausea, or vomiting will be monitored on a case by case basis by our health team. Kids exhibiting these symptoms may be isolated for a period for further monitoring, to either see if they worsen, or potentially take a covid test.

*It is possible that rapid testing kits may be available to us this summer. In that case, we would be able to test campers on site and know definitively how to proceed. In the case of a positive test, the camper would need to be picked up immediately. In the case of a negative test, the camper could return to normal camp activity once their symptoms lessen. In any case, parents will always be contacted before a test would be administered.

Will my child need to wear a face mask the entire time they’re at camp?

No! We are committed to programming summer camps in such a way that we can reduce the use of face masks as much as possible. By keeping campers in consistent “families” and “cohorts” throughout a camp session, restrictions on these smaller, concentrated groups can be lessened. And as long as campers are outside and not maintaining close physical contact with other cohorts for extended periods of time, they will not need to wear face masks. The only times that campers would absolutely have to wear masks is while going through the meal line, and at events/chapels where all campers are in an indoor space at the same time. So campers will probably have to wear a mask for about 10% of every day.

How will the camp programming look different?

Some traditional parts of camp, such as free time, will look very different. As was mentioned above, programming in summer 2021 will take place by keeping campers in consistent cabins and cohorts. Activities will have to be a bit more structured so that we can rotate cohorts through all the activities with proper time to clean each area between uses. 

What do we need to do before we send our child to camp?

About two weeks before your child’s scheduled week of camp, we will email you a pre-screening health form that you must bring with you to registration. This form will ask you to confirm that your child has not exhibited any covid symptoms or been around any covid-positive people prior to attending camp.

Is Camper Drop-Off still the same?

We welcome parents and family members to accompany their child for drop-off. Family members will be able to help their camper move in and walk around the grounds, but we will have to require that face masks be worn inside buildings. Bankson Lodge will be open for parents to make payments, purchase merchandise, ask questions, or use the restroom.

Can I still send my camper on a church bus?

Yes. However, make sure you arrive to your church parking lot plenty early. We are requiring all churches to conduct health screenings for each camper in the parking lot before boarding the bus. Miracle Camp will provide all the necessary paperwork, but churches are responsible for finding volunteer health professionals from their congregation/community to conduct these screenings and sign off on them. Bus drivers will be screened as well, and they will be responsible for bringing the completed forms with them to camp.

Is camper pick-up still the same?

When you arrive on Saturday morning, a staff member at the camp entrance will direct you to the designated parking lot for your camper’s cabin. In order to pick up a camper, your name must be the one listed on their registration form, and you must provide a valid form of ID. For campers riding home on a church bus, they simply just have to have the church name listed for their transportation.

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