Team Building at MC


Here at Miracle Camp we will customize an experience to your group.  Whether it be a low ropes experience, a custom activity, or a high adventure jump off the zip line, we have the resources to help bring your group together!

High Adventure

When you're looking to push the limits, you're looking for the High Adventure element of OAP. Exchange your comfort zone for a thrill ride on our 400ft "free fall" zipline. Meet the challenge of our 40ft climbing tower or wrestle your fear in the 30ft walking height High Ropes Course. Designed for both solo and partner challenges, you will need to be both brave and cooperative to complete its challenges. For corporations, youth groups, leadership teams, office staff, college groups, etc., the challenge of Miracle Camp's open air initiatives will create lasting experiences of teamwork and self-discovery. Available for ages 12 and up. 

To make a reservation or for more information, contact us at:

269.624.6161 or fill out our contact form

High Ropes Initiatives List

Berma Bridge
Walk a single wire while holding two rope hand holds.

Charley Chaplin
Use two foot wires without hand holds to cross a span.

Vine Swing
Reach or jump to a single rope to cross a 4ft span.

Balance Beam
Walk a 4 inch beam over an extended span.

Tremor Bridge
Walk a wobbly bridge from one side to the other.

Hour Glass
Cross a rope element with one rope going low to high and two ropes going high to low.

Cargo Net
Cling to a net to cross this obstacle.

Swinging Foot bridge
Traverse through separate hanging swings.

Postman's Carry
Cross a span with a foot wire and a hand wire.

Hanging Rope Traverse
Walk a wire while clinging to 3 hanging ropes.

Age and height limits apply.  Price is per person. Programs include safety training, high ropes course, team building activities, and debriefing.

Group Initiatives

If you're looking for an opportunity to foster unity and cooperation within your team or group, you've come to the right place! The Group Initiatives element of the Outdoor Adventure Program at Miracle Camp creates an environment of maximum opportunity for group growth and bonding. Each group works together through a series of low ropes initiatives, challenges, and facilitated discussions to create trust, teamwork, and a collective history. Communication strengths and weaknesses are analyzed and individuals are challenged to examine their unique role within the group. We think you'll find the time spent developing your team or group at Miracle Camp to be very beneficial! To make a reservation or for more information, contact Daran at: 269.624.6161.

Wild Woosy
Lean on each other as you go from being very close to very far.

The Wall
Get your entire group over a 12ft wall.

Trust Fall
Fall backwards off a platform into the arms of your group.

Spider Web
Pass all of your members through a web of string.

Tee Pee Shuffle
Two groups pass eachother on a narrow beam.

The Meuse
Use planks to cross a course of pillars.

Giant's Toothpick
Remove a tire from a tall post.

Whale Watcher
Balance the whole group on a large, teetering platform.

Nitro Crossing
Use a rope to traverse an obstacle without spilling a bucket of water.

Island Crossing
Traverse a series of platforms with limited resources.

Low Wire Traverse
A long winding tight rope filled with obstacles.

Meat Grinder
Send your group up over a large, spinning wheel.