Wade and Hannah, parents to Evey and Josephine, grew up attending Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. Making the drive from Ohio with the Ebenezer Mennonite Church van was a highlight of their summers and winters. Wade even has a couple memories involving freezing temperatures, lack of warm clothing, and being locked out of his cabin because he loved pranks!

Wade shared with us that camp was used as a tool to change the entire trajectory of his life. It’s where he, for the first time, memorized a piece of Scripture that has guided his daily life since then. As Wade memorized Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the LORD, not for human masters,” it challenged him to actually be obedient to Scripture. It was because of this instance that Wade felt called into full-time ministry.

Wade4After graduating high school and attending Bluffton University, Wade became the youth pastor for Ebenezer Mennonite Church where he served for 6.5 years. Under his faithful leadership, several junior high and high school students were brought to Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. Wade was not only passionate about crushing teams in dodgeball at Ice Camp – he was passionate about seeing kids experience the same life-change he did.

Today, he serves the Findlay, OH area as a Campus Life Director. He continues to build his relationship with Miracle Camp and Retreat Center by attending our annual Man Camp where he is able to fellowship and grow with men from his church. In our time with Wade, it became so evident that he truly is working at everything for the Lord and not for human masters. Our conversations with him reflected an eternal perspective that left us feeling encouraged. Wade and Hannah continue to serve the Lord daily, while raising their daughters to see His glory.


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