Steve Shaffer, Pastor of Pine Hills Church, knew Miracle Camp long before it was the retreat center it is today. He was introduced to the property he’s grown to love over 50 years ago when Miracle Camp and Retreat Center was still the Notre Dame football team’s training grounds. He remembers driving the long dirt path (now 80th Avenue) up to the camp property with his family. Steve couldn’t have imagined at that time what kind of impact this piece of land would have on him. As they left, he remembers his dad telling him he would get to go to camp there someday.

466897_10150562488131315_271029048_oThe Miracle Camp and Retreat Center you know and love is here today because of God’s provision and a couple people putting their heads together to make the land useful. It’s safe to say they never dreamed it could become quite what it is today.


As Steve grew up, his role with Miracle Camp was very dynamic. He spent countless summers at camp from the time he was very young, all the way through college. This is where Steve accepted Christ and made a commitment to honor the Lord and serve Him wherever life would take him. He served in the kitchen, running activities, investing in kids, and plenty of other roles. With his roots running so deep at Miracle Camp, it’s no surprise that he has continued to faithfully serve into adulthood. Though Steve is the Executive Pastor of Pine Hills Church in Ft. Wayne, IN, he dedicates much of his time by serving on the MCRC Board as President. His faithful leadership has helped camp transition through many changes and he continues to serve diligently.

Steve-Shaffer-1We are so thankful to call Steve a friend of Miracle Camp. As camp celebrates 50 years this year, we think of Steve who has been here from the beginning, serving alongside us the entire way. It is an honor and privilege to think of those who have faithfully gone before us and continue to serve next to us in the ministry of camp.


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