Matt Boyers is the Senior Pastor of Leadership Development at Crossroads Evangelical Church in Wauseon, OH. Matt and his wife, Lanita, have been deeply involved in mentoring couples in their church, as well as couples at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. The two have been coming to our Marriage Retreat for years and speak truth and share experiences with other married couples. Their leadership has been a huge asset to camp, as well as their home church in Wauseon.


10660087_10152792387218270_7829208228920206350_nAlong with being a key component to the Marriage Retreats here at camp, Matt attends Man Camp¬†where he and several men spend the weekend volunteering, enjoying the camp grounds, and devouring loads of bacon! Matt remembers a very specific instance that he would call a “pivotal moment” during one of the work days at a Man Camp. The work project was roofing the Oakwood Chapel roof. During the coffee break, one of Matt’s friends wanted to sit and talk with him about his experience in Africa. Matt has had the privilege of serving the Yalunka people in Mali, Africa for several years and his friend was curious to hear more. Little did Matt know that this conversation on the side of the roof would plant a seed that would eventually lead this friend to serve in full time ministry in Mali, Africa.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 1.19.26 AMThough his conversation may have seemed trivial at the time, Matt was obedient and was being used as a tool to carry out the Lord’s plan. It’s so cool to think about all the significant conversations that have taken place on camp grounds. It’s nearly impossible to imagine where the fruit of all these conversations have taken people, but we know that the Lord is good and uses His people to carry out His purpose. It is safe to say there have been, and will continue to be plenty of life-changing discussions like this one that ultimately lead to greater glorification of our Creator.