College student, Katy Small, has a long history with Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. Growing up in Archbold, OH, her and her friends attended camp since the third grade. Not only is camp where Katy accepted Christ, but it’s where she, for the first time, understood that her faith was something to take seriously. As she grew up, she became involved in the Camp Aide program at Miracle Camp. This program allowed her to stay at camp for two weeks and act as a volunteer to the people around her. Katy helped with work projects, spent time with cabins, and made lasting friendships. She also shared with us a few pranks the camp aides played as well! (I’m sure she would personally like to share those with you if you ask her!)

1064861_10151443910361315_1774009017_oIn the summer of 2014, Katy returned to camp as the Camp Aide Director. She couldn’t believe that after all her years at camp (and all the pranks she pulled as a camp aide) she was now in charge of the program for the summer. Though she was unsure if she was well-equipped, we knew she was the right person for the job. It was such an honor to have her here this summer and see her heart for high school students overflow.

There were several times throughout the summer when Katy wondered why she was here. She was constantly searching for purpose and making sure that her motives and intentions were in line with God’s will. Even though Katy doubted her skill set and abilities at times, the Lord was faithful to prove to her over and over again that He placed her where He wanted her. There were countless moments throughout the summer where Katy would feel reassurance and think, “yes, this is why I’m here.”

katy-collageShe remembers one night where the group of high school girls staying with her decided to forego their free time to sit down and share their brokenness with one another. Taking turns, they went around in a circle and shared their struggles and encouraged one another. These girls were being the church. This image hit home with Katy and it’s helped shape her view of the church. She understands that church happens when believers come together in God’s name to bring Him glory. Since camp, Katy has continued learning what the church looks like and how she can contribute to the body of believers surrounding her.


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