Meet Emily Coon. Some of you know her as the wife of Jason Coon, camp’s previous program director. Some of you might also know her as a mother to four children. But then there will be a few of you who remember Emily as the coolest counselor to ever walk on the Magic Grass at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center.  Her heart for the ministry of camp is nothing but golden. From the time Emily was little, she found a home at camp. It was a place of retreat, countless pranks, and a place to hear God’s voice.

When Emily was fifteen years old, she remembers her life changing in a significant way. She was at camp and felt that the Lord was asking her to completely surrender her life to Him – even if it meant moving to another country. The burden was so strong on her heart and she knew she needed to give her life over to the Lord. Her counselor, Cindy, prayed with her and the two of them freely gave their plans and dreams over to God, trusting that His plan would be better.


Fast-forward 20 years and Emily and her husband, Jason began feeling a desire to move to the Basque region of Spain. This was never something Emily imagined. She loved living at Miracle Camp and working with the Summer Staff. She was already living out her dream. Emily felt her interest in the Basque region growing, and at the same time so did her faith.

Jason and Emily, along with their four children, began the process to move overseas. Their hope from the beginning has been to learn as much as possible of the Basque language and culture, find jobs, and let the God use them however he pleases.

One of the verses the Coon family lives by is Ephesians 3:20. It says, “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine; according to His power that is at work within us…” The Coons believe that the Lord will continually do immeasurably more than all they could ask or imagine. Whether they are in the United States or Basque Country, God is still God. He is still good, sovereign, and able beyond belief.