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It’s Never Too Early to Sign Up For Shake-Up!

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Even though it’s only October, we know that your youth group is already planning next summer. If you are looking for an awesome service trip or missions trip here in the U.S. for your youth group, our Shake-Up Kalamazoo program might be what you’re looking for!

Shake-Up Kalamazoo is a youth service programed designed to teach junior high and high school students the value of having a Christ-like life. Shake-Up  gives students the opportunity to serve the Kalamazoo community while also sharing their faith with others. In the evenings, students will return to camp for worship, teaching, and debriefing while also participating in different camp activities such as the blob, waterfront, zipline, and high ropes.

If you would like to know more information about Shake-Up Kalamazoo, or if you would like to register your youth group for summer of 2018, you can visit

Shake-Up: Who We Work With

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Shake-Up Kalamazoo is a youth group service program committed to teaching Jr. High and High School students the value of living a Christ-like life.  Students who attend Shake-Up Kalamazoo will have the opportunity to serve and share their faith in Kalamazoo, MI.  You and your church youth group will spend time during the day serving and volunteering in Kalamazoo. Here is a glimpse of one of the places students will serving at this year.

Kalamazoo Gospel Mission
The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission (KGM) is a site that we have partnered with every year since we started our Shake-Up program 6 years ago.  They have the largest facilities of any organization that we partner with and are most equipped to handle large quantities of volunteers.  You could volunteer all four days here and the kids could potentially do something different each day because of the variety of work options that they have.  They rely upon hundreds of volunteers hours every week in order to run everything that they do.
KGM is a shelter for homeless people.  They have both an overnight program with shelters that house hundreds of people each night and a long-term rehab program in which people stay in more dorm style housing and regularly attend classes.  The classes they use include practical work skills & education, financial awareness & responsibility classes, and Bible classes.  Part of their long-term program also includes them volunteering a certain number of hours per week in the same spaces that our groups volunteer.  In addition to their shelters, they also run a kitchen which serves meals during every meal time, have a store that runs just like a Goodwill, and have an auto repair/sales place in which they receive donated cars to sell for cheap and train some of their long-term members on skills working with car maintenance.
KGM offers several different types of work that can be rotated through each day.  The main areas that people would be divided into are the store, the kitchen, cleaning in the shelters, and maintenance.  The store involves anything from organizing incoming donations in the warehouse, to moving items from the warehouse to the store and setting them up on shelves, to mopping the floors and cleaning the shelves that the items are stored on. The kitchen can include organizing incoming donations (they arrive daily in truckloads because of the amount of food they serve at every meal), sorting through stored food to throw out anything that has expired, helping clean the dining area, and helping serve lunch to people (this depends on how many other volunteers are working in the kitchen area).  

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What is Shake Up?

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Shake-Up Kalamazoo is a service-based program for youth groups during the summer that Miracle Camp runs alongside of its Summer Camp program. The purpose of Shake-Up is to provide an opportunity for middle school and high school youth group to serve together as a group and make an impact in the community by partnering with an inner city Kalamazoo organization for 4 days of service. Shake-Up is where the biblical focus of Miracle Camp, the creative fun of summer camp, and the life-changing experiences of a domestic mission trip all come together in one.

Biblical Focus of Miracle Camp: Miracle camp strives to focus everything around Scripture. What does the Bible say, what does it tell us to do, and how do we live that out? Each evening we will have a chapel session with worship and biblical teaching from a speaker. It is during these evening sessions that we will be built up through worship and an understanding through Scripture of our calling to serve so that we can go out the next morning and put it into action.

Creative Fun of Summer Camp: Spend your evenings together as a group enjoying the various activities that Miracle Camp’s wonderful summers have to offer. The activities that you will get to experience during your week of Shake-Up include Zipline, Tubing, High Ropes, Dodgeball, Paintball (New 2017), Waterfront, and more!

Impactful Mission Trip Experience: One of the greatest things about mission trips is that in our efforts to help others out, we ourselves are often impacted just as much as they are. Whether it is building character through the hard work of cleaning, learning the importance of attention to detail while painting, or realizing how thankful we should be when we see the living situations of those less fortunate than us, your week of serving will be a sure fire way for your group to put humility into practice and be challenged to do things that they wouldn’t have to do in their day to day lives.

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