Men’s Retreat (Man Camp)

Our First Fall Man Camp is Almost Here!

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Our first Fall Man Camp is just a couple weeks out now! We are so excited to be adding Man Camp to the fall schedule. This Man Camp will include all of the usual favorites, the bacon room (always stocked with bacon you can make whenever you want), man lounges, and grill your own steak night! We also are stoked to be right in the middle of the college football season and will be streaming the best games all weekend. The speaker for this fall will be Brian Clay. Brian Clay has been the speaker at previous Man Camps and we are pumped to have him back.

We also will be having a work day the Friday before Man Camp begins where men can come early and volunteer and help out around camp. Stay tuned for what the project will be this fall.

The Fall Man Camp will be November 3-5. If you would like more information on the activities, prices, or any other information about Man Camp, head to!

The Reason We Love Man Camp.

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As the first weekend of our Man Camp season is just a week away, we wanted to take the time to reflect upon how God worked last year at our Man Camp weekends.  The following story is from Nate Hamblin, who is a church planter in Adrian, Michigan.  Nate, who has been in Adrian for just over a year now, describes his experience of bringing a group of guys from a local ministry to a weekend of Man Camp last year:

As a pastor, and one in the process of planting a church, I am personally thankful for the lengths Miracle Camp goes to make all feel welcome.  Regardless of background or where people are at in relation to Christ, MC knows the power of genuine hospitality.  

Last year at man camp, we had the privilege of bringing a small group of men from a local men’s mission enrolled in a year long addiction recovery program.  While excited, these men were NERVOUS coming to man camp.  Having more experience in drug houses and jail cells than church services, they had no idea what to expect.  And on the way to camp, it was clear they feared the worst.  One man in his late 20’s in particular, let’s call him “Joe”, asked me a question less than 10 minutes into his trip.  “Pastor Nate, are there going to be guys like us at this thing?”  “Sure, what do you mean.  There will be all kinds of guys up there,” I said.  “No you know what I mean…like US?”  (Men who’ve hit bottom and struggled with drugs & alcohol their whole lives.)   “Joe,” I said. “You’ll be fine and no one will think any different of you.”   

And that’s what I love about Miracle Camp. I could speak that to Joe without doubt or hesitation.  I knew he would experience the welcome and embrace of Christ without judgment or being singled out.   Sure enough, the Lord used that weekend to remind Joe and every man with us, that He has created them to be men.  Men who enjoy Him and his creation without the need for any substance to compliment the experience.

And on the way home, as the guys were reminiscing and sharing stories, I interrupted.  “Hey Joe!  Were there any guys like you up at Man Camp?”  “Yeah Nate, I’d say they were all like us.” 

It is stories like this that keep us motivated in doing what we do at Miracle Camp.  With still more registrations to come in, we are already over 700 men who are registered across our four spring Man Camps who will be coming to experience a weekend just like Nate and his group did last year.

If you would like to register for one of this year’s Man Camps, visit!

Steak, Bacon, and Fire.

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As Man Camp is quickly approaching, we are starting to get everything ready for the hundreds of men that will be up here at camp this spring! We are so excited to have guys from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and all over the midwest up here to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ preached. We are also excited for all the activities this year! Here are some of the awesome things we have planned for Man Camp this spring:

  • Zipline
  • Archery
  • Trap Shooting ($6 for 12 shots)
  • Euchre Tournament
  • Canoeing, Kayaking, and Small Boats
  • Steak Cook-Out
  • Dodgeball
  • Hatchet Throwing
  • Disc Golf
  • High Ropes
  • Cornhole Tournament
  • Paintball ($6 for 2 rounds)
  • Campfires and S’mores
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Fishing
  • Bacon
  • Coffee Shop
  • Camp Store
  • Game Room

To register for one of this years Man Camps, or to learn more, visit!

Man Camp is almost here! Check out the speakers for this year!

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Selecting our speakers for our chapel sessions is one of the most important tasks in preparing for our retreats.  Everyone has different backgrounds on what they are used to and what they are looking for when it comes to messages, so we seek to find speakers who can most effectively communicate messages based in Scripture in a way that many people find applicable.  Our hope is that our speakers for our Man Camp weekends will be able to relate to men in all stages of life and be able to teach the fundamental message of the Gospel in a clear way to those who are not following Christ, while also challenging those who are more mature in their faith.  Here are a few details about our speakers for our four weekends of Man Camp coming up in the spring.

Brian Clay ~ Man Camp 1 ~ March 17-19

Brian Clay is from Fort Wayne, IN and will be returning for his second consecutive year as a Man Camp speaker.  He is a financial advisor who works for Edward Jones and he also has pulpit experience at Brookside Church, which he attends with his wife and three children.  Brian was well received by our Man Camp attendees last year as he combined his witty humor, with refreshing messages focusing on the idea of sharing your story.  He encouraged many men to be open with one another and simply share the story of their lives with other men.  Brian is a fun-loving guy who is easy to talk to when he is off stage and easy to listen to when he is on stage.

Kevin Green ~ Man Camp 2 ~ March 24-26

Kevin is going to be joining us as a speaker this year for the first time.  Kevin is from a small town in Michigan called Barryton which has a population of 359.  Kevin has a lot of ministry experience as he has previously planted three different churches, worked for Zondervan publishing company, and now currently speaks at many churches, camps, and conferences, specifically focusing on speaking at men’s events.  Kevin is a very adventurous man and has many stories to tell, including experiences from completing the Spartan Race Trifecta and handbuilding his own family’s log home.  We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Kevin this spring and have him bring the Word of God to the men who attend this retreat. For more info on Kevin, you can visit his website at

Tom Harmon ~ Man Camp 3 ~ March 31-April 2 ~ Man Camp 4 ~ April 7-9

Tom Harmon has been a long time staple as a speaker at our Man Camps.  Tom is a proud father of four and grandfather of 22.  Yes, you read that right, 22!  Between all of his experiences with his family, his years playing college football, and his 11 years of being a Michigan state trooper, his stories are sure to bring plenty of laughter.  Tom is a great man of the Lord and has been doing ministry since 1984 when he stepped down from the police department and pursued God’s calling on his life to go into full time ministry.  He pastored a church in Michigan for several years and has been doing itinerant preaching in churches, camps, and conferences for the past 25 years.  Tom brings an overwhelming amount of wisdom and experience to our Man Camp weekends as his ability to quote Scripture from visual memory is part of his unique teaching style that is sure to engage, teach, and challenge the men who attend. For more information on Tom, you can visit his website at

If you would like more information about our Man Camps, feel free to check out our Man Camp webpage at  It’s not too late to register!  If you or someone you know is interested in attending a weekend of our spring men’s retreats, you can register by clicking here or going to our website!

Keeping Faith Rewind: Matt Boyers

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Matt Boyers

Today’s Keeping Faith rewind is the story of Matt Boyers, senior pastor of Crossroads Evangelical Church in Wauseon, Ohio. Matt has been coming to Miracle Camp and Retreat Center with groups for years, and he and his wife along with a team of other couples lead our annual Michigan Marriage Retreat.

Matt has watched many people’s lives change at Miracle Camp and then has walked through the process of discipleship with those people. For us, this is the example of the perfect partnership. We believe that Miracle Camp is best when done in partnerships with local church, like this one.

Enjoy the story, and think about how your church could partner with Miracle Camp today!

Online Registration is now open!

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You can now register for men’s retreat, women’s retreat, and summer camp online!  We have a new software program that will let you register multiple campers at the same time, automatically request roommates, and manage your account – all online!  You will have the ability to send emails to your camper online, view photos of your campers while they’re at camp, and order items from our camp store.  And…the best part is there should be an iPhone app out soon so you can do all this from your phone!

Register online now!

Chapel Roofed in One Day at Men’s Retreat!

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The day before men’s retreat here at Miracle Camp more than 60 men helped us with many work projects.  One of those projects was roofing the chapel entirely in one day!  That’s 94 square of shingles in an entire day!  The men did great work and saved Miracle Camp more than $10,000 in labor costs!  Thanks to all these men for donating their time and skills!  What a great accomplishment!


Man Camp sets records, changes lives

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Our annual Man Camp was this past weekend and saw more than 280 men attend the retreat.  This was the most in the history of Miracle Camp.  More than 10 men accepted Christ for the first time!

Nearly 70 men showed up early to spend time on work projects.  On Friday before the retreat they installed new path lights, set block, did landscaping, fixed retaining walls, cleaned the grounds, and much more.  A group of guys from Metamore installed new theatrical lighting and new lighting controls in the chapel.  A picture of the effects of that are shown below.  Thanks to all the men who made this retreat a great time!

chapel lights