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Life at Camp

Chapel Roofed in One Day at Men’s Retreat!

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The day before men’s retreat here at Miracle Camp more than 60 men helped us with many work projects.  One of those projects was roofing the chapel entirely in one day!  That’s 94 square of shingles in an entire day!  The men did great work and saved Miracle Camp more than $10,000 in labor costs!  Thanks to all these men for donating their time and skills!  What a great accomplishment!


Michigan Ice Storm Damages Trees

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An ice storm this past weekend damaged a few trees around the camp and retreat center here in Michigan, but no huge damage occurred.  On the plus side…the trees were decorated in a beautiful way.  Here is what the Michigan back roads looked like on the way to the retreat center.  The trees at the camp and retreat center were most beautiful early morning and late evening when the sun was rising and setting.

So for those of you coming up this weekend for Ice Camp from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, you’re in for a real treat!

There Still Time To Be Part Of Our Christmas Story

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The year isn’t over yet and Christmas lights are still hanging!  If you haven’t had a chance to donate to our Christmas catalog, please take a minute to look it over now.  You’ll be just in time to make our Christmas and for the end of the year donations!

Visit www.miraclecamp.com/christmas to donate now!


All donations benefit Miracle Camp and Retreat Center, a non-profit Christian camp in Michigan.  We serve churches, families, and youth across the midwest in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.  Events include year round retreats, church retreats, youth retreats, and Christian summer camps.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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We want to take a few moments to say Merry Christmas and thanks so much for everyone’s support this year!  We had a great year and enjoyed watching God work in the lives of many people at various retreats and camps here in Michigan.

We look forward to seeing many of you in this coming year!

Enjoy the day with family – whether it’s in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan or somewhere else – and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Letter from Our Director

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At Miracle Camp and Retreat Center we have many reasons to be thankful.  Foremost, is the fact that God continues to bless our efforts to provide a camp and retreat program that honors Him and helps the Church.  We are thankful for you, every family, and every church that makes a choice to actively participate in the Miracle Camp ministry.  Your attendance at retreats, financial support and volunteer efforts are truly what sustain us and the camps that happen each summer, winter, spring, and fall.

Miracle Camp continues to successfully accomplish the vitally important mission of creating opportunities for people to draw close to God in a retreat environment.  It is said, “Miracle Camp is a place where lives are changed.”  This truth is often testified to by people of all ages who find that this is the special place and facility God chooses to speak into their hearts.

Critical to continuing success is our ability to offer quality Christian camp and retreat opportunities that are affordable for a wide array of families.  As costs and fees continue to rise families find it more difficult to afford coming to camp.  The staff and volunteers work very hard at being good stewards of the available resources and make every effort to keep expenses as low as possible.

In addition to this effort we need your help.  Participation fees cover most but not all of the operating budget.  To close the gap we depend on the generous support of Miracle Camp friends.  The contributions budget for this year is $110,000.  Many families have already contributed to this effort in a variety of ways.  Every gift is important and appreciated. We always recognize and acknowledge that every family has different stewardship responsibilities and capacities. Our request is simply that every family would understand the need and respond as they are able.

Please visit our donation page at www.miraclecamp.com/support to prayerfully consider your participation.  Please join us in praying for the ministry and asking God to direct every effort that we make.

We all have much to be thankful for, but nothing more precious that the gift of the Christ child.  Please accept my personal best wishes for a Christmas celebration filled with quiet joy and comforting peace.


Dale Boone, Executive Director

National Christian Camping Conference

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Dale and Jason had the great opportunity to get away at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, NC, for a great conference of Christian summer camps and retreat centers from across the United States.  It was a great time of refreshment and getting ideas for the future.

Here’s some of the things we picked up from the conference…

  1. Fireplaces are awesome – we definitely need more fireplaces around Miracle Camp and Retreat Center as these provide a great congregating and meeting space for groups during their retreat.
  2. Alignment – everything we do must align with our core values – our biggest mission is creating a place where people can connect with God, whether that be a summer camp, a personal retreat, a church retreat, or one of our sponsored retreats or conferences.  We need to ensure (and we think it is) that this is the forefront of EVERYTHING!

Anyway…just as it was good for us to get away and have a retreat…we really think it’s good for you to do that as well.  Retreats are important to your spiritual and physical health!  Take time for one today!

Ministry Year Internships

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We have 3 great interns working for us this year!  Frank Colarusso, Lindsay Rottmeyer, and Daniel Moore have all committed to serving here at MC for the whole year.  Frank and Lindsay are helping with planning and scheduling events and Daniel is helping in the dining hall.  We are so grateful to them for serving here this year.

If you’re interested in serving next year, please check out our internship page or contact us.

Going Green

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We are in the process of starting to become more environmentally friendly here at MC.  You can read more in our upcoming newsletter, but here’s a couple areas we will be working on in the near future…


New blow dryers in public restrooms will reduce paper towel waste.  Hand towels will be provided in each guest room for hand drying rather than paper towels.

Electricity Usage

Replacing switches with motion sensors and timers will help eliminate lights being left on around camp.

The Dining Hall

All styrofoam products are being eliminated.  Fresh brewed, fair trade coffee will be served in reusable mugs. Paper and cardboard products are being reduced and recycled.  New bulk cereal dispensers will reduce individual packaging.


When you come to Miracle Camp, look for the recycling containers around campus.  Put your glass, plastic, or metal containers in these bins to help the recycling efforts.  We now have paper recycling bins in the offices to help us recycle all products we throw away.

Thank You Ken and Beth

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We appreciate the work that Ken and Beth Smith, former camp directors, did over the months of May and June!  They tackled lots of maintenance projects, history projects, office reorganization, and a host of other things…not to mention the huge encouragement they were to the staff here!  Thanks Ken and Beth!


The Program Office is Here

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The program office has all arrived for this summer and we’re working hard doing planning for all the summer camps.  Earlier this week, we took a trip to Muskegon State Park to set some vision for the summer and to bond together as a team.  Here’s some of our summer goals…

1)  To grow closer to God through a daily time with him

2)  To be intentional about relationships with staff and campers

3)  To do our best at everything we do


If you’re coming to camp, you can look forward to a great group of college students as your leaders!