Keeping Faith Rewind: Kris and Sarah VanBogelen

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This week’s Keeping Faith rewind is of Kris and Sarah VanBogelen. Kris and Sarah both started at Miracle Camp as campers and eventually as summer camp staff. (Speaking of being a summer camp counselor, the staff applications are now open to work at Miracle Camp for the summer of 2017).

But back to our story. Kris and Sarah both eventually ended up on our full time staff for several years and have made countless contributions to the way Miracle Camp and Retreat Center operates. Currently, Kris serves as the Youth Pastor for a church in Lawton, Michigan, just down the road from us!

So enjoy Kris and Sarah’s story!

Keeping Faith Rewind: Jordan and Hannah Bradford

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This week’s Keeping Faith rewind is the story of Jordan and Hannah Bradford’s wedding celebration, which they held at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. Both Jordan and Hannah had served as summer camp counselors for several years and their meeting at camp led to their eventual marriage.

However, no one expected their wedding weekend to be as eventful as it was.

This story illustrates the importance of safety in the ministry of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center, and is a huge reason for our Keeping Faith campaign.

Keeping Faith Rewind: Steve Shaffer

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Steve-Shaffer-3This week’s Keeping Faith rewind is Steve Shaffer’s story. Steve is currently the Executive Pastor at Pine Hills Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but has served at several other churches that are affiliated with Miracle Camp and Retreat Center before his current position. Steve has been coming to Miracle Camp since before Miracle Camp existed! He was able to come with his father on some of the initial trips to see what the camp was like before the initial purchase.

Enjoy the video below as we revisit these stories of how God has worked through this special retreat center in Michigan!

Keeping Faith Rewind: Jesse Kahler

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This week’s Keeping Faith Rewind is Jesse Kahler’s story. Jesse is the lead pastor of Archbold Evangelical Church in Archbold, Ohio, and has been one of our favorite speakers for the past 8 years at high school summer camps and winter retreats for youth groups. Jesse has been a youth pastor and has brought many students to camp before his time as a senior pastor.

So enjoy the video below as Jesse gives his perspective on the ministry of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center.

What we do when it’s not summer…the same thing!

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446A8738-XLAfter a busy summer, there is no time to rest

I am in awe of the impact Miracle Camp has had on the kingdom. When we look back at what God has done, we can see glimpses of His goodness and a constant stream of lives impacted. A stream that we know creates a ripple effect on the kingdom; people who have crossed the line of faith, accepted their call into ministry, or had their faith strengthened and then impact others for Christ.

So far this year we had the opportunity to serve and share Jesus with:

  • Over 1,600 students in 9 weeks at Summer camp
  • 759 men in 4 weeks at Man Camp
  • 2,639 Junior High and High School students at 9 weeks of Ice Camp
  • 395 women in 2 weeks at Women’s Retreat
  • 4,236 lives through guest group visits

All lives that matter to Jesus and all opportunities to impact our world for Christ.

One such example, comes from one of our summer campers. Looking at him you would not be fully aware of the hurt in his life. Parents going through divorce, he daily feels the pressure of hurt and believed he was alone. Throughout his week at summer camp, he realized he was not alone and heard about the love of Jesus. “He loved anything and everything at camp, he loved all of his cabin mates so much, and he started to love God.” – His camp counselor.

During our one week with this camper, we could not change his home life, but we were able to share Jesus and show him the firm foundation that can be found in Him.

That is the power of camp. One would think that with Summer Camp over, we get to rest. That is not the case and our service continues every weekend throughout the rest of the year.

How does this affect our vision:

Our hope and prayer is that our programs are not for our benefit. We desire to aide the local church in its ministry and disciple its people. Furthermore, we want to create space and events that facilitate the local church’s mission to bond its people together around Jesus, in order to form relationships that produce discipleship. As Iron sharpens Iron, they can live life together and spur each other on in love.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Miracle Camp depends upon the generous and voluntary support of affiliate churches and supporting individuals. Your gifts help us share the hope that is found in Jesus, impact lives for the kingdom, and strengthen the ministry of the local church.

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Keeping Faith Rewind: The Gerber Family’s Story

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Today’s Keeping Faith Rewind is about the Gerber family, a loyal Miracle Camp family from the Fort Wayne area. Miracle Camp and Retreat Center is often thought of as a place for just kids, but as this video shows…it’s for the whole family.

Be sure to check out the Gerber family Keeping Faith Story on our Keeping Faith page!

Do you have a story like the Gerber family? We want to hear it! Send us an email, write on our Facebook wall, or send us a letter. We know stories like this happen often at camp. We want to make it our mission to share these stories that have changed your lives. Thanks for reading!



Keeping Faith Rewind: Katy Small

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Last week we started reviewing some of the Keeping Faith stories that we produced last year. These are great reminders of God’s work through the ministry of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. This year we want to feature Katy Small’s story. Since the making of this story, Katy has been married to Darren VanMeekeren (which happened at camp…see the picture below). They met on summer camp staff and we are excited to see what God does with their lives in the future.


In the meanwhile, enjoy the rewatch of Katy’s Keeping Faith story.