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Keeping Faith Rewind: Sydney’s Story

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This week’s Keeping Faith Rewind is Sydney’s story. Sydney has been a summer camp attendee for the past 9 years and counting. She’s an example of students whose whole lives have been impacted and shaped by the ministry of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. Enjoy rewatching Sydney’s story.

As you do, remember that we have just announced a $300,000 matching gift opportunity that will allow more campers like Sydney to attend events like summer camp or youth group winter retreat each year.

Announcing: Matching Gift Opportunity

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We just recently announced the launch of the Evergreen Project, part of our Keeping Faith Campaign. We received exciting news shortly after: a very good friend of Miracle Camp has agreed to issue a $300,000 matching challenge toward this project. This means that every gift given will be matched dollar for dollar up to this amount.

This project will enable us to host up to 850 more people each year…which is so many more lives that are able to grow closer to God. You can give toward this project online at

Here’s a few drawings¬†of the project for those who are interested!

Announcing: The Evergreen Project

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Fifty years of history. One unchanging mission.

Whether Miracle Camp impacted your life 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years or 5 decades ago, we remain committed to facilitating life change by helping people grow closer to Jesus and supporting the ministry of the local church.

We are humbled by the impact Miracle Camp has had on the kingdom. When we look back at what God has done, we see glimpses of His goodness and a constant stream of lives impacted. A stream that we know creates a ripple effect on the kingdom; people who have crossed the line of faith, accepted their call into ministry, or had their faith strengthened and then impact others for Christ. We believe God has positioned this place to be a catalyst that impacts the world for Christ.

As you reflect on how God has impacted your life, and thousands of other lives, please prayerfully consider joining us in this mission with a gift. You will be making a significant Kingdom investment. Miracle Camp depends upon the voluntary generosity of affiliate churches and supporting individuals. Your gifts help us share the hope that is found in Jesus, impact lives for the kingdom, and strengthen the ministry of the local church.

To make a secure gift online, please visit

For more information about the Evergreen Project please visit our Keeping Faith page.

Keeping Faith Rewind: Emma’s Story

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This week’s Keeping Faith Rewind is Emma’s Story. This story is from Emma’s experience at summer camp several years ago.

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, these stories remind us of all we have to be grateful for in the ministry of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. We are so thankful to God for all the lives He changes on this small piece of property.

We’re also really thankful to all of you who, through your prayers and support, make stories like this possible.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and enjoy Emma’s story!

Work at Miracle Camp this Summer

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We are now accepting applications to work at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center this summer! We hire 50 college students each summer to work as a team to help facilitate life change by helping campers grow closer to God. Here’s some of the skills we will be looking for…

  • Counselor
  • Hospitality
  • Lifeguard
  • Camp Store
  • Craft Shack
  • Photographer
  • Maintenance
  • Office Help
  • Videographer
  • Health Assistant
  • Outdoor Adventure

So what are you waiting for? Visit our summer camp staff page for more information and to apply to work as a summer camp counselor in Michigan!

If you’re still not convinced…well…just take a look at one of last year’s summer staff creations…

Keeping Faith Rewind: The Figg Family

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This week’s Keeping Faith Rewind is Karl and Holly Figg’s story. Karl and Holly’s family has been involved in Miracle Camp and Retreat Center for many years. Their children have attended summer camps, they have all come to family camp, and many of their children have worked as counselors, lifeguards, and more on our summer camp staff team.

When we plan programs, we seek to partner with local churches and seek to create programs that will impact the entire family. That’s why we offer more than just summer camp and youth winter retreats in Michigan. We also offer men’s retreats, women’s retreats, marriage retreats, and more! The Figg family has been to it all!

Listen as they tell you more about how their family has been impacted by this ministry.

Keeping Faith Rewind: Matt Boyers

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Matt Boyers

Today’s Keeping Faith rewind is the story of Matt Boyers, senior pastor of Crossroads Evangelical Church in Wauseon, Ohio. Matt has been coming to Miracle Camp and Retreat Center with groups for years, and he and his wife along with a team of other couples lead our annual Michigan Marriage Retreat.

Matt has watched many people’s lives change at Miracle Camp and then has walked through the process of discipleship with those people. For us, this is the example of the perfect partnership. We believe that Miracle Camp is best when done in partnerships with local church, like this one.

Enjoy the story, and think about how your church could partner with Miracle Camp today!

Keeping Faith Rewind: Kris and Sarah VanBogelen

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This week’s Keeping Faith rewind is of Kris and Sarah VanBogelen. Kris and Sarah both started at Miracle Camp as campers and eventually as summer camp staff. (Speaking of being a summer camp counselor, the staff applications are now open to work at Miracle Camp for the summer of 2017).

But back to our story. Kris and Sarah both eventually ended up on our full time staff for several years and have made countless contributions to the way Miracle Camp and Retreat Center operates. Currently, Kris serves as the Youth Pastor for a church in Lawton, Michigan, just down the road from us!

So enjoy Kris and Sarah’s story!

Keeping Faith Rewind: Jordan and Hannah Bradford

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This week’s Keeping Faith rewind is the story of Jordan and Hannah Bradford’s wedding celebration, which they held at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. Both Jordan and Hannah had served as summer camp counselors for several years and their meeting at camp led to their eventual marriage.

However, no one expected their wedding weekend to be as eventful as it was.

This story illustrates the importance of safety in the ministry of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center, and is a huge reason for our Keeping Faith campaign.

Keeping Faith Rewind: Steve Shaffer

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Steve-Shaffer-3This week’s Keeping Faith rewind is Steve Shaffer’s story. Steve is currently the Executive Pastor at Pine Hills Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but has served at several other churches that are affiliated with Miracle Camp and Retreat Center before his current position. Steve has been coming to Miracle Camp since before Miracle Camp existed! He was able to come with his father on some of the initial trips to see what the camp was like before the initial purchase.

Enjoy the video below as we revisit these stories of how God has worked through this special retreat center in Michigan!