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May 2019

The Dirty Work

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This week Miracle Camp is full of activity in a different way—rather than cabins full of campers, our campus has been full of teams of workers helping us ready the facility for summer. While prayer comes first on the to-do list, next comes rolling up shirtsleeves and getting to work!

From flower beds to fire suppression, our Operations Team leads the way in making our facility safe and beautiful. Kitchen and Housekeeping Teams dutifully carry out jobs like taking out the trash, doing the dishes and making sure the facilities are clean and sanitary. Each of these teams model servant leadership for our whole staff! Even though they enjoy the quiet and unrecognized service, we enjoy pointing to their action as a worthy example and praise God for each member and how they serve!

Humility, servanthood and a willingness to be last: traits that will not win blue ribbon awards, yet Jesus described kingdom greatness just that way. While His disciples continually asked when he would become king or which of them would be in charge, Jesus pointed them toward selfless service every time.

While our teams continue to pray for fruitful ministry this summer, we are thankful for the work of our every single volunteer, contractor and team member to make our campus guest ready!

Smooth Transitions Start With Prayer

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Spring is when everything outside changes in Western Michigan! Seemingly overnight, brisk days of lingering winter give way to full flowering trees and birds returning for summer. While the weather takes a turn for the good, behind the scenes the Miracle Camp team changes pace as well, just in time to prep for summertime.

This year, beginning May 15, we will be hosting campers every day throughout the summer season until mid-August. We are so thankful to God for filling our calendar again with so many different groups and guests to serve! Each year our team works hard to prepare, so that every camper has the best week ever. But prayer is the precursor to everything we do as God’s people. That step cannot afford to be missed.

We know as a team that so many of our guests are also the key supporters of our ministry, and we are thankful for your prayers. Each Friday, we spend special time as a team praying that our guests would arrive safely and encounter Jesus through our ministry. This Friday, please join us in prayer for the following 3 needs as summer approaches:

  1. The home stretch of the Evergreen Project. Pray for a safe and timely finish with everything approved and ready for our summer campers!
  2. Three new interns will join our team this month; pray for their safe arrival and quick transition into summer ministry and gospel community!
  3. Program Office and Summer Staff begin training in early June, and this Summer we are growing the Camp Aide Program; pray for us as we build and train servant leadership among our groups!

Again, we are thankful for the many relationships we share with our guests and appreciate each prayer offered toward the ministry at camp. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

A Season of Gratitude

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Excited conversations, smiles, and laughter describe this past weekend as women arrived for our first Women’s Retreat weekend of 2019. For women to be able to step away from their usual schedules at home is a commitment, so we strive to program a balance of new experiences and restful unplugging at each Women’s Retreat weekend. This past weekend was full of fellowship, activities, crafts, but most importantly times to worship and hear truth shared from our speaker, Robyn Dykstra. As women departed Sunday, the peace-filled joyfulness of the women was evident and something we praise God for.

Women’s Retreat is designed to provide women exactly this…a retreat. A change of pace from the normal day to day routine so they can reset and refocus during their time away. Not only is it a fun time spent with friends doing activities that are out of the ordinary, it is a time for women to hear God’s voice and spend time with Him, learning what it means to know Him more. Starting the day in prayer, spending solo time after lunch, singing praises to God and hearing Biblical teaching all provide opportunities to do this outside of the normal routines at home.

Thank you to all of the women who have attended and those who have yet to attend our Women’s Retreats. We are continually amazed at those who prioritize coming back year after year —and for those who have come for the first time and now are excited about returning again! Praise God for allowing Camp to be a place where women grow closer to God and commit to following Him even after they leave from this place.

We are thankful to God for the stories we’re already hearing from the women about how they encountered God this weekend as they paused to hear His voice. Join us in praying for this upcoming weekend when more women will step foot on our campus for our second Women’s Retreat of the year. Our prayer is He is glorified again this weekend through the work of our team!

If you missed out on booking this Spring, good news! We are also excited and look forward to the addition of our third Women’s Retreat this year! Programmed the same as our spring retreats, we hope this will provide an additional option for those looking for a retreat at a different time of year. Registration is already open for Women’s Retreat 3 (September 27-29)!

The Evergreen Project – $100,000 Gift-Matching Opportunity

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Help us complete the Evergreen Project!

As part of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center’s (MCRC) financial sustainability initiative, the Evergreen Project helps us meet the needs of the groups we are currently turning away due to lack of space. While MCRC has 400+ beds, one of our weaknesses is available meeting spaces; we only have two large meeting rooms. That means that while we can comfortably host two church groups of 100-125 each, those groups will potentially only fill about 250 beds, leaving 150 beds empty.

More importantly, the Evergreen Project allows us to share the love of Jesus with the next generation. The new Evergreen building will expand MCRC’s summer camp capacity and will enable us to sleep 118 girl summer campers, 100 boy summer campers, 28 camp aides, and 52 summer staff. This is compared to our previous numbers of 108 girl summer campers, 88 boy summer campers, 22 camp aides, and 47 summer staff. That means more lives touched with the love of Jesus!

But, we need your help. Initially, we expected to be able to fully pay for the building with the cash from the $800,000 in donations we received during the primary campaign. Thank you for the support that has brought us to this point! Unfortunately, a disagreement between state and county regulators added $425,000 to the cost of the project midway through the build. These added costs raised the Evergreen Project’s construction costs from $800,000 to $1.25 million. As such, we are working to make up the difference.

Thankfully, we were able to work with the Christian Service Foundation (CSF) and attain a loan of $425,000. These funds will hopefully allow us to finish Evergreen’s construction by summer camp. While I am thankful CSF has made these funds available to us, I desire to use as little of those funds as possible. Our prayer is that we will be able to raise most of these funds before occupancy.

We are excited to announce a $100,000 gift-matching opportunity. By God’s grace, we have been able to line up donors who will match all Keeping Faith contributions until June 30.

The stories of lives changed are more than I can count; from decisions to follow Christ, to growth and encouragement, to repentance from persistent sin. I cannot emphasize enough the eternal impact your generosity is making possible. Thank you for helping us support the ministry of the local church and for helping us set the stage so that the love and message of Jesus can shape hearts.

Keep faithful. Keep praying. And, thank you for supporting!


Jonathan L. Hyde
Executive Director