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April 2019

A Million Thanks

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2019 has already turned out to be a banner year for Man Camps at Miracle Camp. One of the many joys for the Miracle Camp team is hearing stories of God’s faithfulness during our weekends. Maybe now more than ever, Christian men need a place to be within the brotherhood. The freedom experienced in Christ when we are unplugged from the everyday is something that can be hard to find between shifts, trips for work, family obligations and taking care of everyday life. Man Camp weekends allow the space for men to reconnect with God and each other.
This Spring, 853 Men joined us for four consecutive weekends of grilling meat, talking around fires, playing camp games for bragging rights and finding the space to open up about the challenges and victories that are part of following Jesus. Both early morning prayer times and late night fireside ribbing give men time to grow together. With a weekend to gather with other men and disconnect from the routine, men get much needed space to pray and refocus themselves on work and relationships waiting back at home.
We were honored to partner with FEC pastors Mike Drury, Nate Hamblin and Jake Mills; this year we also were able to send off longtime Man Camp speaker Tom Harmon, who spoke about Finishing Well. Centering discussions around weekend themes such as biblical manhood and forging relationships took small group discussions a level deeper, setting the table for old groups and new friends to find common threads to discuss and grow closer to God together.
From the men who make Man Camp part of their annual routine, to our first timers this Spring—Thank You. Two simple words that go unspoken too often. By expressing our gratitude, most of all we want give glory to God for the work He does at our camp.

Did you miss us this Spring? Good news! Registration is open for our fall Man Camp Weekend this coming Oct. 4 to join us!

A Better Friday

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The typical Friday routine begins by putting finishing touches on the grounds and finalizing last minute details in the office. Afternoons, our team gathers to pray and ask for God to work in the lives of our guests. While those regular parts of our Friday around the office will be missing, this week we will be taking time instead to remember Good Friday.

Miracle Camp is a place where lives are changed. For over fifty years, FEC churches and countless guest groups have encountered the tangible grace of God spending time having fun here. Good Friday reminds us that the fun and joy we share at camp is not without cost. The cost for Jesus was real to reconcile us to Himself and remembering the goodness of this day reminds us that we are dead to sin and alive in Christ.

The real catalyst for us to know faith in Jesus as Lord is the atoning sacrifice freely offered at the cross. (1) The Apostle Paul writes that He who knew no sin became sin so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. (2) This infusion of life offered to us in Christ was the world changing event by which everyone who truly knows God has access to Him.

While all of our guests are at home with their families and churches during Holy Week we want to remind them on Good Friday–without the events of this remembered day, our campground would be empty every weekend. But because the tomb is empty, we have life and love to share in Christ.
The Miracle Camp Staff want every bed made, every building built and each event we program to be fueled by the atoning work of Jesus on the cross. On Good Friday let our team commend to you what we tell ourselves constantly: Jesus did it all. Our role is to facilitate His work, by his grace, for his glory. Today we join our FEC partner churches and congregations everywhere to remember the weekend Jesus died, was buried and rose from the grave.
1. Catalyst is a word meaning rapid change or action from within. We use it on the MCRC team to describe how we partner with God’s work among our campers.
2. 2 Corinthians 5:21

New Seasons & Next Steps

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Miracle Camp & Retreat Center’s Internship Program is designed to serve exiting high school and college students who are launching into years of obtaining skills for work or considering educational options. Rather than staying caught in the middle between what is now and “what’s next”, this internship exists to step in and help prepare participants for a lifetime of fruitful vocation while they work alongside the MCRC team serving groups, churches, and individuals through multiple avenues.

We are excited to introduce two new interns who will be joining the Miracle Camp team this May!

Preston Alger is originally from Flint, MI and first heard of Miracle Camp through his local church’s connection. He experienced Miracle Camp during an Ice Camp with his youth group, and he eventually applied to the Camp Aide program. Through this, he spent two weeks growing deeper in his faith and learning more about himself and God. Following this experience, he decided to join camp’s part-time staff serving in the kitchen. “Working in the kitchen, I had the pleasure to work with the interns and learn more about the program,” which is what led him to apply. Additionally, he was not sure of his plans after high school, so he decided to take this gap year opportunity. Preston is looking forward to discovering more about how Miracle Camp runs and how he can serve, especially as he works with digital design. “I also cannot wait to just learn about God with the intern devotionals we will be doing,” he adds.

He loves anything involving the outdoors, such as swimming, hunting, skateboarding, and enjoys building things. He also enjoys playing soccer and is an avid disc golfer.
Gavin Engler is also a senior in high school about to graduate. He is from Paw Paw, MI and heard of Miracle Camp from his former Bible quizzing coach, Beau Graf, who is Miracle Camp’s Dining Services Director. He began working in the kitchen as a part-time staff member in January 2018 and enjoyed the work as he served Miracle Camp. Gavin was undecided about his plans after high school and the internship appealed to him because, “camp seemed like the best option.” He is excited to begin the internship program in May and is ready to see what this year holds: “I am really looking forward to learning as much as I can and continuing growing in my walk with Christ.”

Gavin has really enjoyed his involvement with Bible quizzing the last two years. Also, he has been on the Varsity Bowling season team for four years and was the Captain his senior year.

We would love for you to pray for these guys as they prepare for their time here and seek all God has in store for them during their internships. To find out more about our internship program, click the button below!