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December 2018

Be Part of Something Bigger!

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Oakwood Chapel. The heartbeat of Miracle Camp. The spiritual gathering space for each camper, be it youth during Summer Camps and Ice Camps, church groups throughout the year or families during retreats. Inside this sanctuary is where fun icebreakers introduce new friends with laughs of joy, fellowship occurs as groups grow closer to the Lord together and lives are changed as messages impact listening ears with His grace and unconditional love.
Much more than a building, the chapel is a space where God works and people respond. Our mission of facilitating life change by helping people grow closer to God is transmitted from the chapel stage. A critical tool for the each chapel session is our audio and visual technology. High quality audio and video elements are essential to providing the best experience for our guests. While we are thankful for our current setup, it has aged beyond a normal life cycle and is overdue for a replacement.
Thankfully our time of need has been met with a great end of year opportunity. The Lord has provided a matching gift opportunity for the end of 2018, enabling a contribution toward the chapel audio and video needs to go even further!
In today’s fast paced culture having adequate audio and video for a gathering space ensures that the message is prioritized and distractions are minimized. Giving our highly skilled guest speakers and bands the right tools to play their role allows us to continue bringing in gifted communicators. In our team’s effort to be good stewards of the prayer and planning invested in our chapel gatherings, we are convinced this is the single biggest replacement ask we could have to immediately impact ministry in 2019!
A new audio and video setup in Oakwood Chapel will provide our team with the tools needed to transport our guests from a world full of distractions and interruptions to a peaceful environment where they are free to focus, worship, and open their hearts and minds to God. Please give before the end of the year using the link below!

Get Ready for Ice Camp!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…Ice Camp!

The first snow of the winter has fallen, fireplaces crackle with cozy warmth, and mugs steam with hot chocolate. All these signal that Ice Camps are just around the corner!

In just a few weeks, students will fill campus, running to and from chapel sessions, and fueling themselves with delicious food in the dining hall. These retreats are the perfect time for students to bond with their youth groups over Gold Rush in the snow and other winter weather games, biblical messages, snow tubing, dodgeball competitions, and much more! Each weekend offers the same exciting activities, while featuring different speakers who proclaim the truth of God’s Word.

We don’t want your students to miss out on what God has in store for these weekends. Each Ice Camp will focus on who they are at their very core – what is identity? What does it mean for them to find their identity in Christ and practically live that out? Each person’s identity and relationship with Jesus are personal, but we are created to come together with other believers. We will be looking at how community plays a significant role in their identities and faith in Jesus, and much more. Our chapel sessions set up discussions, which is one highlight of each weekend. This is specific time dedicated for you and your students to talk about and apply what they are learning through the messages.

Spots are filling up quickly for youth groups to sign up! We have a few openings left for the following weekends, so don’t miss out on your chance to register:

JH/SH Combo 1: Dec. 30 – Jan 1

Junior High 1: Jan. 4 – 6

Senior High 1: Jan. 11 – 13

Senior High 3: Feb. 8 – 10

MS/JH Combo 1: Feb. 22 – 24

For more information or to register, click the button below!