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July 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

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Each week at camp we have “cardboard testimonies” as campers and staff share about their lives and how Christ has changed them.  On one side of the cardboard is their life before Christ.  On the other is their life now complete in God.  It’s always a great time to see how God has worked in the lives of campers.


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Camp Stories – Rachel

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The pressures of High School of drugs, alcohol, sex, being skinny enough, and being accepted puts an enormous amount of stress on students to simply make it through another day without picking up one of these habits. Rachel happens to be one of those students that struggled with the pressure of High School life and began to smoke marijuana to relax and ultimately be accepted by some of her peers. Recently, she was caught in her unhealthy habit and since has been trying to get her life straightened out. Rachel arrived at senior high camp Monday night and a burden covered her heart that very evening during her first chapel service. Rachel is “hungry for a change” in her life. No longer does she want to continue down the path she has begun. In the fall she will be attending college in hopes of completing a Nursing degree where she may be a helping hand and a compassionate heart to the people in her community. In the mean time she is looking for God and those positive supports around her to give her strength in terms of her addiction, friend choices, and dependence on boys to define herself. She has the desire to have the Lord Jesus Christ as the center of her life and is making steps daily to walk down the path of righteousness and love.

Dunes Day 2010

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We had a great time at the dunes yesterday with our senior high campers.  The day included dune olympics, digging lots of deep holes (the largest being more than 6 feet!), a large tailgate party, and great swimming in Lake Michigan!

dunes1dunes2 dunes3

Camp Stories

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At Miracle Camp, we enjoy seeing lives changed.  Periodically, we will have a chance to share several of these stories with you.  Here is one from Emily, a junior high camper who was here last week!


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 3:16) Above all, Emily has taken away this very important lesson from the week that will guide her in life that God will never leave her. In knowing this, peace has come over her and her life has been changed. The ongoing battle of happiness is becoming easier as she has found freedom in Christ. With God now at her right side, Emily is excited to share the love, peace, and acceptance that comes from Him and only Him. From walking through the gates of Miracle Camp for the first time Sunday afternoon, Emily will be leaving Saturday morning changed. She is now a beloved daughter of Christ.

Photography: Kortni Fennig

Thank You Ken and Beth

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We appreciate the work that Ken and Beth Smith, former camp directors, did over the months of May and June!  They tackled lots of maintenance projects, history projects, office reorganization, and a host of other things…not to mention the huge encouragement they were to the staff here!  Thanks Ken and Beth!